Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gucci Gucci Oooh!

Gucci's 2008 Resort Collection has got to be my favorite! Frida Giannini has put together clothes that suit petite girls like me! Let me tell you, its tough being a small girl. I hardly fit in most clothes, so I usually end up having them made. Case in point, a US size 0 is still loose for me! Anyway, I'm digressing. What I'd like to drive at is, for petite girls, its best to stick to the clothes that suit our frame. Not all trends look good on us, but the styles below are just worth investing in!

CIGARETTE PANTS - with a simple top, a cropped jacket, a shirtdress or a coat, it just spells simple elegance! Very Audrey-ish too!

This photo reminds me of an outfit I wore just this May when I went to NY with my hubby. I was wearing a bright yellow trapeze top, black cigarette pants and black ballet flats and people were staring at me like I was the Sun walking down the street! Its the color for Spring/Summer 2007 hello! They ought to know better right?

KNEE LENGTH AND CROPPED - should be the petite girl's mantra when it comes to skirts and jackets. Put together, the balance is just right. Individually, a knee length skirt won't drown us out and in fact maximizes our leg length without showing too much of it. A cropped jacket on the other hand is simply adorable and makes for a sleek silhouette...

If you'd like to look "corporate" then a slim cropped suit jacket cinched with a belt still means business, but with tons of style!
But with the kind of weather we have here in the Philippines, then a simple shirt with a skirt will be much cooler, literally and figuratively. I'm in fact loving this muscle shirt! Paired with a full skirt, its tough yet girly at the same time! Ooh, and those cropped gloves are so punk and rock too! Reminds me of the glove wearing girls in the DKNY ads back in 2005!

DRESSES are H-O-T! Whether its plain like this red, white and black beauty...

...or printed like these boldies...

We won't go wrong! Although smaller prints suit us best, if you like huge graphic prints and you can carry it well, then by all means do so! Fashion bends the rules for those with the right attitude!

Thanks Frida! You know what, I'm loving your outfit best of all!

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