Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sale Away

I know its sale season. I have been receiving text messages and reading blog posts about sales left and right. Friends who just came back from Singapore have told me about the sales there as well. People at work have proudly worn their sale purchases and have been urging me to go while the sales are still going on. If I was my usual self, I would have palpitated in a heartbeat! But amidst all the frenzy, I find myself surprisingly calm and collected. For some reason, I feel no urge to shop. No desire to step into the malls and see for myself what treasures await me. I wonder why?

Its funny though because I am not alone with these sentiments. My friend Nina, who can sniff out a sale (without the benefit of getting tipped off by the store associates ha, just by pure gut feel! No kidding!) just came back from HK and she didn't go berserk the way she normally would. Something is in the air and I can't point out why.

- Maybe because I know I have to prioritize saving over spending?
- Maybe I am finally living out the French woman philosophy of saving until I can buy the best bag/pair of shoes that my money can buy?
- Maybe because I've realized I really have more than enough clothes and shoes. (Hmm, I did ask Debbie to make a shirtdress for me, and had my tita make me a few more dresses, but that doesn't count as shopping right? But see, my mom actually left for Hongkong with her friends a couple of days ago, and I couldn't think of anything I wanted at all, so I never asked her to get me anything).
- Maybe because I guess this means I've matured?
- Or maybe because at the back of my mind, I'm thinking of going to Woodbury Common soon?

Hahaha! But seriously, I myself am amazed at this Zen like experience, like I am detached from all those red tags and % OFF signs! I mean I still love clothes, gorgeous bags and shoes, and pretty accessories, but I feel like I can live without having them all. I am content and grateful for what I have now.

I honestly can't say how long this feeling will last, but I believe that this is my greatest and bestest "find" this sale season.


Cj said...

wow that is so nice cd, I hope to feel that way soon hehe..ang dami tlagang sale...^_^Godbless!!

cd_mfo said...

Hehehe! I'm sure one day you will cj! Pray for contentment always! And be grateful no matter what, because God blesses those who appreciate Him!

Jillsabs said...

pero OA nga ang mga sale these days no?

i just went to the mango sale and that's it for me. no more. i'm saving up kasi for my first ever self-paid (is there such a word :p) trip abroad after the bar. wish me luck :)

cd_mfo said...

Wow! Tama na nga ang shopping Jill! Start saving na talaga! Traveling is definitely worth every cent you spend! Good luck! I sure do hope you get to go out and see new spots after the bar! You deserve it! Where are you going pala? I'm so excited for you! I love to travel!

Anonymous said...

Well I feel the same... I don't feel like rushing to the malls and see what's in store or what's __% OFF probably because of my recent travels upon learning that everything in poor Manille is overpriced or a bit more expensive. It's the 3rd world, it's supposed to be cheaper down here ryt???

Like I saw Tod's loafers @ regular price in Bangkok and sells for arnd 14k only here it sells for 21.5 k! Cosmetics here are even overpriced Lancome and Shu Uemura IS not that EXPENSIVE outside the country!!! here some prices are even doubled! And I just hate it so...

grrrrr... so unfair :(

cd_mfo said...

Again you have a good point there giancinephile! I just got back from a trip last May and I've seen how fantastic shopping is outside Manila. Maybe that's why I have no urge to shop here because I can get better stuff outside? Hmmm....

And you're right, it is much more expensive here generally. For one, Marks and Spencer here is like 3x more expensive than it is in London the last time I was there. M&S there is so reasonably priced its like the English version of SM! But here, its considered "premium"! When my family was living in London, my sisters didn't even want to be seen inside M&S because only the moms and lolas shop there! Hahaha!

Topshop here is cheaper than in the UK - let's hand it to the Gokongweis...

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