Thursday, July 05, 2007


Let me take a short break from designer resort collections and share with you some bright, happy, "resort-ish" and thank goodness affordable tops and dresses from!

Floral Stripe Tunic $28.50
Avery Button Top $29.50
Hana Colorblock Cami $19.50
Emma dress $39.50
Wendy dress $44.50

Notice that these clothes are so easy to make. If you have a favorite mananahi, you can actually buy the fabric yourself and have her sew a top or dress for you. You will probably only spend P300-P500 a piece for these! That's labor and fabric combined! If you like "complementary clashing prints" as seen above, scrounge around first for old retasos (scrap fabrics) and you can use that as inspiration when picking out the partner fabric.

Should you decide to do some colorblocking or pair prints of different colors, Kate Spade, in her book Style by Kate Spade......suggests a couple of her tried and tested color combinations:

Green + Aqua
Green + White
Green + Coral
Pink + Orange
Pink + Brown
Pink + Turquoise
Yellow + Green
Yellow + Navy + Pink
Yellow + Black + White (a runway favorite!)
Orange + Pink
Persimmon + Navy
Orange + White
Turquoise + Tangerine
Navy + Watermelon
Sky Blue + Taupe
Red + Canary Yellow
Red + Navy
Coral + Pink
Mocha + Pink
Taupe + Chocolate Brown + Cornflower
Brown + Black + White
Black + White
Black + Green
Black + Turquoise
White + Green + Pink + Turquoise

Whew! What a long list! See what I do for you all? Hahaha! I suggest you heed her advice. The worst that can happen is that your clothes will look Kate Spade-ish. Now there's nothing wrong with that at all!

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Anonymous said...

Love the clothes! Love the price, too! :) Finally, a break from the designer, let-all-drool-on-these clothes. :)

McDreamer said...

Delias do carry cute and affordable items... Btw, thanks for your comment, yeah, I think it's not so hard to feel real close when you read each others blog every single day. I really enjoy reading your posts. Actually, I learn a lot!!!

cd_mfo said...

Hi Angel! I was getting overwhelmed na din with the designer stuff, needed something more "attainable" para we don't get "depressed" hahaha!

Awww! Thanks Jin! I'll make sure my blog will always be interesting and worth reading for all you fashionistas =)

Cj said...

hi Cd, I wasn't there po!I'll be there tomorrow and this saturday can't wait to meet you cd!!!

cd_mfo said...

I'll be there this Saturday! =) See ya cj!

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