Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conversation Piece

Imagine going to a gathering where you hardly know anyone. Its the pits right? The thing is, it happens you know. Your parents ask you to go to some function on their behalf, or your boyfriend/hubby (that slash means "or", not "and/or" hahaha!) invites you to dinner with the boss and his wife. But before you freak out on having nothing good to wear (as most clothes crazy girls tend to have that sort of reflex action), I suggest that you arm yourself first with a conversation piece guaranteed to get you through potentially awkward "small talk" and uncomfortable silence.

When I say conversation piece, I don't mean another designer frock, Louboutin heels or a Judith Leiber minaudiere. Those in the know won't be impressed. They've seen one, they've seen and bought them all! So what's a girl to show? An H.R.H. Joaillerie Conversation Ring! Its guaranteed to get the ball rolling!

Here are my favorites. See for yourself the beauty and art that is in each handcrafted piece. Notice that each ring is made of 18k gold and studded with both precious and semi precious stones...

NIGHT OWL Ring: 4.20 carats cognac brown diamonds; 0.09 carats white diamonds; 0.08 carats green garnet;0.22 carats yellow sapphires, set in 18K yellow gold. Priced at US$2,200.
MONKEY Ring: cognac brown diamonds; 3.90 carats white diamonds; 0.02 carats green garnet set in 18K yellow gold. Priced at US$2,000
ROCKING HORSE Ring: Orange Sapphires with Malachite and Mother of Pearl, set in 18k yellow gold. Priced at US$2,000.
BUGGIE Car Ring: Cognac Diamonds; Mother of Pearl, Pink Sapphires (moving wheels), and White Diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. Buggie car detaches and can be used as a pendant or a brooch (fastening optional). Priced at US$2,500.

Witty and exquisite, it will open doors to lots of interesting conversation (with both the young and old!) guaranteed to last you the whole evening!

Check out Accessory Lab for more designs. All rings are standard sized 7. Other sizes will be for custom ordering. Accessory Lab ships internationally. Please email for shipping rates to your city/ country. Insurance is optional and at buyer's cost. You can pay through Paypal, Xoom, Western Union Money Transfer and Local Bank Transfer. For more inquiries, you may email or contact them at (+63916) 758-0857.


tipidtips said...

i am personally loving the volks version.. but with the price, i can buy a real volkswagen already! some second-hand (or third-hand) beat-up beetle with mini electric fan to boot! hahaha :)

love your blog. you have exquisite taste :)

Anonymous said...

So originals !! Thanks for the discover ! I am back here and i will be back again ...

cd_mfo said...

Thanks tipidtips! Hahaha! Oh my gosh! I know what you mean! My best friend's mom has a beat up volks that they can't let go off for sentimental reasons. No aircon nga! As for the jeweled buggie, think of it as an "investment" na lang, the real volks won't last you another 10 years, but this one you can actually pass on to your great great great grandchildren! And it will still remain a conversation piece in their time! =)

Welcome back rosemary! And hope you visit my site often! =)

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