Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dress SOS from Frances

I'd like to share with you an e-mail exchange between myself and Frances, who needed advice on what to wear for her pre-nup pictorial. You know how us girls want everything to be picture perfect right? I knew this was a serious SOS so I did some research and had fun helping her out! Hope you get to pick up some tips too!

FRANCES:Hi! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and you're doing a great job. Keep it up! I was hoping you could help me out with my dress dilemma. My fiance and I are going to have our pre-nup pictorial next month. I've been planning on wearing an ultra-feminine getup for that day. And I want it to be red, cute, and light. Unfortunately I can't seem to find THE dress. If you have any ideas at all please let me know. Oh and I would very much appreciate it if you could also make suggestions on what would go well with my dress for my fiance. I hope I'm not asking too much! Many thanks!

CD: Hi Frances! Thanks so much! How exciting! When you say feminine, does it have to be the girly, frilly feminine type? Or would cute pinafore dresses be fine? Let me know where the venue for your pre-nup pics will be too so that I can think of an appropriate outfit for you and your fiance! Btw, what is the personality of your fiance like? Is he a conservative dresser or is he willing to experiment with his clothes? Let me know what you both like so that my advice will be spot on! =)

FRANCES:Wow thanks for the quick reply! I'm ok with both types really, I guess it would depend on my mood that day. I like to have as many choices as possible. I'm kind of fickle. What I don't want is to worry about my tummy showing or my chest feeling flatter than ever. I'm 5'2" medium and I guess my best asset would be my behind and my legs. My fiance isn't very keen on experimenting. He's usually content with jeans and polo shirts (think Pacey of Dawson's Creek). We'll probably be shooting in Hong Kong and I'm guessing it's going to be a bit humid. Hope this info helps! Thanks!

CD: Hi Frances! You're petite pala like me! I've attached a photo of two dresses in red that I think would not only be perfect for the humid HK weather, but are also young and figure friendly. One is a pinafore dress (on the left) and the other, a more feminine cotton dress. If you notice, both have empire waists, which can hide tummies and flatter the chest area. (Note too that you can wear a top inside the pinafore dress if you're feeling a bit conservative). Both are short so you can emphasize your legs! You can take off from here and hopefully find similar dresses. You may also take this picture to your favorite designer or the family mananahi and have the dresses copied!

You may pair both dresses with flats if you want to be casual. The pinafore dress may be paired with espadrille wedges for a fun, sexy look. The printed red dress may be paired with pumps for a dressy look such as in the photo.

As for your fiance, I suggest that you let him wear whatever he is comfortable with, maybe a nice blue polo and khakis for contrast or a red polo and jeans if he wants to match your red dress. Guys are pretty easy to dress up so just as long as he's comfortable with what he is wearing, I'm sure your photos will turn out wonderful! =)

Good luck on the dress hunt and do let me know if you need anything else! Let me know how your pre-nup photo shoot goes too! =)

FRANCES:Thank you so much for your advice! I love the printed dress. I do hope I can find something like it here. I agree with the empire cut. It's most flattering for my body type. At least I still have a lot of time to search for it. I may end up buying my fiance's shirt too. Thanks again and keep up the good blog work! :)

Yay! Another satisfied MFO reader! Thanks Frances for letting me play stylist! And remember! The best accessory to a perfect dress (apart from your lucky fiance hahaha!) is a big and bright smile!

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nikka said...

hi! i want to have pinafore dresses made by my trusted "mananahi" hehe :p but the problem is i dunno what kind of cloth to use for such?? :(

cd_mfo said...

Hi nikka! You can actually use different fabrics for pinafore dresses ranging from light cotton to heavy wool depending on the season! Given the weather here in the Philippines, i would go for linen, cotton twill, or light corduroy =)

nikka said...

oooh! i'm excited na to get one made!! :p thanx much!! :)

cd_mfo said...

You're welcome nikka! =)

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