Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creative Shots

hey! maybe this isn't your thing, but can you suggest creative poses for a grad pic? =) - Ange

Hi Ange! Your request was a bit of a challenge, so I asked my sisters to help me brainstorm and here are a couple of creative poses that we came up with! Hope these suggestions get your creative juices flowing!

My sister Dianne thought of doing this for our youngest sister Nicole's "creative shot". They made a replica of her school ID and Nicole just had fun with it in front of the camera. One shot was a serious one; then she stuck her head out for another shot, and finally had another classmate join her so it looked like she had two heads or something!Now its displayed in her room as a reminder of her silly grad picture pose!

My sister-in-law Lorr suggested something that her classmate did. He bent a spoon, tied a nylon string around it and had someone dangle it in front of him while he pretended that he was concentrating on making it "float" on air.
Come to think of it, with a nylon string, you can actually make anything you want float on air!

Another trick is to pretend that you're levitating! Check out how you can create that illusion (there's a low tech and a David Blaine way) using the Balducci Levitation Technique!

Its always fun to dress up like your favorite character, especially if you have an uncanny resemblance to the original. Check out these "almost can fool you" impersonators Captain Jack Sparrow and Paris Hilton from

You may also get your friends in on the fun and dress up as a group (either as pop group/band/movie cast) with each one playing a particular role! Have your shots taken individually, but do it in such a way that if your photos are placed side by side, there's a cohesive look to it!

If you are willing to spend for a backdrop (use a plain background, and then print and stick logos of your favorite label/magazine/drink, etc.), pretend you're a celebrity flashing your most paparazzi friendly smile!

You can have a huge tarpaulin made, with your favorite magazine as the backdrop. And you of course as the cover model!

Do you see yourself as a Lawyer? Doctor? News Anchor? Project your dream job into your creative pose! It will also serve as a reminder to damn the odds and follow your dreams!

How do you want to be remembered by your batchmates? Maybe you're a weekend surfer, a stamp collector, or a karaoke champion. Share your passion and invite everyone to surf your turf!
(Remember to stick to the school dress code!)

These are all I can think of for now. Maybe our readers have interesting and fun ideas to share! Feel free to add to the list y'all! =)

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Anonymous said...

Best entry I've read in the longest time!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the suggestions! :D helped a WHOLE LOT!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks v!

You're welcome ange! I'm happy to help! =)

debsford said...

Great with the lookalikes.
I'm told I look like a few people
too. Guess who?

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