Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is Not a Plastic Bag

Teen Vogue August is out now! I got my sister Nicole the latest issue and of course, I get first dibs because I bought it! Haha! Apart from the advertorial spread on Libertine for Target, this is my Teen Vogue discovery for the month! I am so bent on buying this bag:

No kidding! It is a bag! Check out how it transforms into a super roomy shopping tote:

Me likey! Best of all, its only $8, a pretty good deal huh! It's available online at You may buy your bags in packs of one, three and six. You may also choose from a variety of colors (red, fuchsia, khaki, olive, navy, black, grey, aqua). Shipping is $2 flat rate, no matter how many you buy!

Baggu's designer, Emily Sugihara studied economics (just like me!!!) at the University of Michigan but heeded her calling and went to Parsons for fashion design (I should do this!!!). She then interned at Proenza Schouler, worked at J.Crew and now runs her bag business like a true trailblazer and entrepreneur!

She tells Teen Vogue, "The idea for Baggu ('bag' in Japanese) came after my friend gave me a reusable tote from Sweden. My mom wanted a bunch for the supermarket, but we couldn't find anything stylish or affordable online. So I got some ripstop material and my mom and I started sketching and sewing like crazy. Though the bags were designed for groceries, they're cute enough to go anywhere. When I buy clothes, I'll throw them in here instead of wasting another shopping bag. We even have a see-through version that resembles a plastic bag, because my boyfriend complained it looked like he was carrying a purse!"

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Unknown said...

this is a better shopping bag than the anya! folds up to fit in your actual bag. makes you want to bring three baggus and go on a shopping spree. hehe.

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