Thursday, July 26, 2007

Get to Know Hale Bob

Let's do a meet and greet with the Peridou ladies who have brought in the label Hale Bob!

1. How did the group discover the Hale Bob line? What made you decide to make this your flagship brand?
We decided to bring Hale Bob to Manila because Hale Bob pieces are extraordinary, the clothes use very rich fabrics, have intricate detailing on them, and there is nothing in the local market to date that comes close to offering the same quality and style. Hale Bob is our flagship brand for now but it is one of many clothing labels that we intend to bring into the country.

2. Who are the people behind Peridou? How did you get together and what inspired you to put up such a concept? Will this be a reflection of the group's personal taste or the answer to what you feel is lacking in the market? Or both and more?
The people behind Peridou are an eclectic mix of ladies who are into everything from fashion, food, and architecture, to graphics, teaching, and sports. The women of Peridou are mothers and daughters, cousins, and very close friends. The clothes are both a reflection of the group's personal taste as well as what we perceive to be a gap in the local fashion scene. We personally love clothes that are unique and different. Incidentally there aren't many in the Philippines, so when we discovered Hale Bob, it felt like we had finally found what we were looking for as avid shoppers ourselves. We knew that there would be tremendous interest and demand here in Manila, so we decided to try our luck.

3. Who is your target market? What sort of clientele do you cater to?
Our target market is women between the ages of 18 to 55, from middle to upper class. The clothes are very versatile, hence the large age bracket. Conservative dressers can layer the clothes over each other, and the younger crowd will never run out of tops to go out in.

The Hale Bob woman may be a chic college student, a fun-loving yuppie or a cool career mom. She loves to shop and explore new brands and trends. She is outgoing, sociable, independent, confident, and fearless.

4. How can interested customers get hold of your merchandise? When will you put up your store?
We’ve been holding exclusive sale events for Peridou/Hale Bob. We are also expanding our marketing efforts and we are participating in a number of bazaars. Some of the pieces can be viewed (and bought) online at Shoppers may visit for event updates. Our website will be up and running soon:

5. What is the price range of your items?
Our pieces range from P2,000 to P8,000, comprising mostly of camis, tops and dresses.

6. How do you see your group changing or shaping the local retail scene?
We hope that with Hale Bob, we have added a different flavor to what is currently being offered in the local retail scene. Where before the Filipino women tend to be conservative in terms of the clothing styles they wear as well as the colors, these days, we see more and more women, young and old, who are not afraid to follow the latest trends and who even pioneer their own. We hope that with Hale Bob, we can inspire more women to be bold with their wardrobe choices. This brand definitely calls on the dresser to be unique, to embrace life (with its multitude of color and fabric combinations), and to love fashion.

7. Any glimpse into what should your customers look forward to?
Definitely be on the lookout for more fabulous collections to come in for Hale Bob as well as new clothing brands that Manila has never experienced before.

That being said, check out Rockwell Club beside the Power Plant Mall this Friday and Saturday on July 27-28 from 10am-7pm to enjoy up to 50-70% off on last season’s collection! Also be among the first to take a sneak peek at Hale Bob’s latest shipment!


Anonymous said...

the clothes look very stylish and chic but pretty pricey too...guess it's just eye candy for now. :)

Unknown said...

oh, these are nice. been reading about hale bob in magazines. wow, i hope there are great sale items.
love your site!

Anonymous said...

Are there plans for Halebob to have its own boutique on malls around the Metro. I'm not an avid fan of buying things on the net esp. clothes because of the danger of wrong fitting.

Plus, may I ask if you have in-house designers? Who are they?

--- curious fashionista

Anonymous said...

Wow, your clothes are oh so stylish. Reminds me of young, hip and fashionable Hollywood celebrities being chased by the paparazis. GLAMOROUS!

Can't make it on the Makati event though... when is your next event? Hope it's somewhere near Ortigas this time. Thanks!

katchu said...

Do visit us at for upcoming events where you can go and buy our fabulous clothes. Please send me a personal message there if you want to be included in our mailing list for future sale events.

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