Friday, July 27, 2007

What Women Want Part II: T-Shirt Kind of Guy

Yes, I know you love to wear t-shirts, the holey-er the better! But I'm not about to diss t-shirts, because I like its cotton-y soft feel myself. Here's a post on how to work this ubiquitous article of clothing you guys!

How about pairing it with light khakis and sneakers instead of the usual jeans? The trick here to keep it from looking like an undershirt:

Either layer two shirts ala Alessandro Dell'Acqua
Or go for an unexpected color like lavander as in DSquared2

Black slacks are an option too!

At Moschino, the model wore a striped long sleeved t-shirt over a collared top (no need for the inner top though given our super warm weather here!) for that fun, casual, cool look. I suggest you just push up the sleeves so it doesn't look hot (and I mean it in the context of weather!)
Or how about a nice striped one with a couple of buttons down the front ala Veronique Branquinho?
Meanwhile, Givenchy took the classic route and paired it with a plain white tee (then again, if its from Givenchy, then it wouldn't exactly be considered "plain")

If you're thinking, "Nah, that sort of style will only look good on models!", check out designer Neil Barrett.

He really pulled off the t-shirt and slacks combination quite well huh? Like he just put on stuff from out of his closet but still with that "I'm effortlessly cool that way" vibe.

Photos courtesy of GQ Style.


Anonymous said...

The fact is that I DO NOT HAVE any tee-shirt ! I think I hate them, they are ugly, and I prefer them on the others, where they look better (easy!). Maybe it is the most difficult thing for me to find and wear beacause it needs the perfection to be nice to look at. Under a simple jacket seems ok. Not more. I am not sure to be the only one against tee-shirt ...

miel said...

Hello! I've been following your blog for a while now. I'm going to fashion school starting next week. Wee!!! May I link you in my blog? Thanks!


supercow said...

wagi post as usual. fabulous.

cd_mfo said...

Hi rosemary! Nice to see you here again! Well yes, there are those who do not like t-shirts as well and wouldn't be caught dead wearing one. I guess it really depends on one's personal preference and lifestyle =) Some people like you don't like how they look wearing a t-shirt but there are those who can't bear throwing away an old ratty t-shirt. But no one is less stylish than the other! Both will look great wearing the clothes they are most comfortable in! Because style is always a celebration of one's individuality!

Sure Miel! Feel free to link me up! Thanks for the link-up! Good luck and have fun in fashion school! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Thanks supercow! I'm happy you liked it! More to come! Promise! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can you recommend a good mananahi? I'm 5' and skinny so I need to have most of my clothes altered but I'm kinda scared to entrust dresses and jeans worth thousands of pesos to just anyone! Thanks!

By the way, nice site! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your website, thanks!!

I'm writing to ask for your expert advise. I'm visiting Manila in May (I live in Manhattan) and intend to buy some men's wear clothing. Can you recommend some good stores selling some hot fashion pieces? I am interested in local Filipino designers. I need casual tops for the summer (short sleeves shirts, collared and buttoned-down at the front or polo-shirt style) and also some dress shirts to wear in the evenings. My budget is in the medium-to-high range.

Names of stores and addresses, preferably in the Makati area near the Makati Shangri-la, will help me a lot. However, if there are boutiques/ateliers in the Malate or Greenhills area that you think are worth a special trip, I am open to your suggestions.


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