Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to Wear a Three Piece Suit

I have to admit I was taken by surprise when I got a deluge of requests on "what and how to wear" from male readers. And a lot of you have spot on opinions too! Whew! I must say, we should give you guys more credit. What I thought to be a bi-monthly thing is turning out to be a bi-weekly affair! My hubby really hit on a goldmine of an idea! (Now if I can only make money out of my blogging! Hahaha!)

So for the budding sartorialist, let's start with something quite challenging! (Yes, I know you're not as clueless as I thought). Here's a tutorial on how to wear a three-piece suit from the August Issue of Details magazine (click on the image to enlarge):

"You don't have to be Tom Wolfe to look good in a three-piece suit. A lean cut and updated accessories make the classic uniform modern-and not at all uptight."
Traditional Co-opted properly, Wall Street style can look fresh. Pair a slim-cut pinstriped suit with a classic contrast collar shirt and a diagonal stripe tie. Just keep the Gordon Gekko effect subtle by sticking with a narrow tie. (Click on image to enlarge and pay attention to the side notes on how your suit should fit!-MFO)
The shirt & tie you wear with a navy three-piece suit should be appropriately conservative - muted blues and purples, rep stripes, and classic polka dots.
Shoes Rich browns are most complementary, but a pair of glossy black cap-toes can work too.
Belts Choose a belt (if you decide to wear one; thanks to the vest, it's not required) in dark brown leather with a matte silver buckle.
Socks Stick with summer weight cashmere or merino pairs in solid colors that match your tie.
Aristocratic Pairing a three-piece pinstriped suit with a color-coordinated shirt and tie will keep you from looking like you're stuck in the age of the abacus. Play up polish with sophisticated hues like pearl gray and plum.
Avant You can take a gray three-piece suit into dandy territory with a six-button waistcoat, pointy lapels, or even a small-scale pattern. The key to looking bold, not ridiculous, is sticking with simple accompaniments.
Shirts & ties Play up the striking effect with shirts and ties in black-and-white prints. if you want to experiment with color, do it with pink - anything multicolored will make you look like the Mad Hatter
Shoes Black cap-toes or wing tips with elongated toes are your only options.
Belts Keep the belt as simple as your shoes - slim and black.
Socks You can get playful with your socks; just know the difference between an eye-catching print and a juvenile one.

Hope you enjoyed these handy dandy tips! For more ideas on dressing up the dudes, check out the AUGUST issue of Details magazine. It's out on stands now!

Special thanks to Freud Communications, Inc.


Verona Blogs said...

I am surprised by the photos, all with bottom button of vest left buttoned. THe first suit with double breasted vest is poorly fitted for the model.

Anonymous said...

What is the first picture?? He looks smothered in creases.

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