Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fake It Till You Make It

I've always thought it a waste of money to buy costume jewelry. I've never bothered myself with "paste" because I figured, if I just save a little more, then I can always get the real thing, the kind that will last me a very long time.

There have been instances however when I lose a piece of jewelry and I get that really bad sinking sensation in my stomach. Thankfully, I manage to find what I thought was gone. But the feeling of losing something of value made me realize it might not be worth it sometimes!

My mom on the other hand has no qualms about wearing costume jewelry. Then again, I've never had to fish out a diamond ring from the toilet bowl with my bare hands, and never lost an heirloom piece as many times as she has...

My close encounters and my mom's less than savory experience with real jewelry has opened up my eyes to the possibility of considering incorporating costume jewelry into my wardrobe. I'm still not yet sold on it but if ever I do, I know I'd go for Kenneth Jay Lane pieces...

Black Tusk necklace $85
Crystal Starfish Bracelets $185.00
Gold Multi Coin Earrings $98

Considered the "King of Costume Jewelry", he is a favorite of socialites. Kenneth Jay Lane's clients have included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Margaret, the Duchess of Windsor, Babe Paley, Brooke Astor, and Lee Radziwill Ross.

Hobnobbing with the social and power set surely must have influenced his design aesthetic. His pieces are glamorous and very tasteful. Just the way a woman born into money would have liked it. Years back, I read a story in Vogue about him. He apparently unabashedly copied a socialite's ruby and emerald necklace down to the last detail. But in lieu of precious stones, he used glass beads! The socialite heard about it, came up to him at a party, wagged a finger at him, and said "Naughty, naughty!" or something to that effect! What a laugh! Anyway, here's the exact copy for all to see! And its still being sold at Vivre for $325!

Now if I can only find a photo of the inspiration behind this piece, you'd be laughing your head off now! Its such a rip-off, but only Kenneth can get away with it! That's how much these women love him!

Another costume jewelry line on the brink of traipsing into my life is CC Skye. I just love the mix of leather and metal. Fun fun fun!

Leather Screw bracelets $105
Gold Double Wrap bracelet $275

All the above pieces except for the "Ruby and Emerald necklace" are available at the Max & Chloe online store. You can also check out , net-a-porter, shopbop and Vivre for more pieces from Kenneth Jay Lane.

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