Monday, July 16, 2007

Valli of the Waisted

No, no, no this post is not about some psychological thriller or an obscure art film that has yet to be scrutinized by a critic's harsh eyes. This is in fact a peek into Giambattista Valli's Resort 2008 collection. I only have this to say - "Get waisted, but make it short!"

If you are not too crazy about flaunting your legs, then the former Art Director of Ungaro has these looks that are still enough to get you waisted...

But fine, if you want to be prim and proper and in control, you can always go for these (gasp!) pleated trousers...

...or this printed empire gown!

Quite a marvelous mix of sassy and classy, which shouldn't come as a surprise, given that he told V Magazine,

"...I love the idea of designing opposites - very strict suits, for example, next to frothy corseted dresses. I want some of my clothes to be as sharp as a knife, others as sweet as a cookie..."

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Cj said...

I love everything cd..hope cna make it na this sturday..can't find katya pa kase..and I'm a bit shy..heheh hope to you soon!!

cd_mfo said...

See ya cj! Don't worry, if you still don't have fabric, I can give you mine! You'll need that lang naman for practicing on how to do straight stitches and for the zippers =)

Anonymous said...

just wondering, with regards to the photos that you see in, where do you find those? i've been a frequent visitor of and i can't seem to find a specific type of style/ensemble pages.. let me know.. thanks!

i love your site by the way..

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Liane! As for your query re: just click on fashion shows , or go to quick links on the lower left hand portion of the home page. Once you get to the fashion shows page, just navigate your way around it and click on the season or collection that you would like to check out =)

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