Monday, September 24, 2007

NYC Deals and Steals!

A reader, Nicole, asked for recommendations on places to shop in NYC. So if like Nicole, you have plans of traveling to this side of the coast soon, keep this handy! Here's the first part of a series of NYC shopping sites as recommended by yours truly =)

Let's start with discount shopping, a personal favorite of mine! See, I love hunting for bargains. Nothing beats getting something expensive for a pittance. There's always that satisfaction from getting a good deal, knowing that I get something that would cost an arm and a leg for much less, if not next to nothing.

It's also like treasure hunting in a sense. Imagine picking out a perfect pearl after shucking a lot of oysters. In shopping terms, that would mean visiting a store several times and walking out with nothing every single darn time. Then one day, your patience finally pays off and you get something really fantastic, it makes all that wasted time worth wasting!

Therein lies the rub of discount shopping, only those who never give up despite the lean times will find themselves luckier the next time around. In this sort of setting, patience really is a virtue!

Because I've had my fair share of fantabulous finds, I've been a disciple of discount shopping as far back as I can remember. In NYC, these might as well be places of worship!

Century 21
Neighborhood: Manhattan/Financial District
22 Cortlandt Street
(between Broadway & Church St)
New York, NY 10007 (212) 227-9092
Landmark: Near Ground Zero

I've heard about Century 21's long lines, the jumbled merchandise, the customer un-friendly staff and all those horror stories, but that did not stop dear Hubby and I from checking it out - after all, the place is said to be "New York's Best Kept Secret!". To mitigate the chances of that from happening, we decided to go early in the morning, around 9 am on a weekday, just to be sure that there would be less shoppers, the items have not been picked through, and the staff weren't harassed yet. True enough, it was a pleasant shopping experience! Their European designer collections are worth visiting! If your feet are size 5, 5.5, 7.5, or 10 then you are in for a pleasant surprise! Think Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Cesare Paciotti and Marc Jacobs shoes for just a little over $200 (shriek!!!).

The men in your life would love the place as much as you do too! If you're traveling with your dad, brother, hubby or boyfriend, tell them that they will have tons of stuff to choose from! From Timberland workboots to Zegna ties and Hugo Boss suits!

But you better move fast and hang on to the items you like before somebody beats you to it! I saw a Missoni scarf that I liked, and left it there so that I could think about it before getting it, and by the time I came back for it, it was gone! And to think it only took me 15 minutes to decide!

Filene's Basement
Neighborhood: Manhattan/Greenwich Village
4 Union Square South
New York, NY 10003 (212) 358-0169
Landmark: Union Square Park

This Boston institution has representation here in NYC, and though so far it seems that I like the Boston version better, this place is still a must visit. I saw paper denim & cloth jeans for less than $50 and they had a decent shoe collection (Nine West, Charles David, Steve Madden, even Marc Jacobs) . This store also stocks pieces from See by Chloe! Though their Marc Jacobs selections are pricier than Century 21, at least they had most sizes available! Add the fact that DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is in the same building!

I've never actually stepped into the following stores, but I've heard good reviews from bargain shoppers and thought these would be interesting to visit!

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Chelsea
101 7th Ave
(between 16th St & 17th St)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 352-0856

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Midtown East
125 E 57th St
(between Lexington Ave & Park Ave)
New York, NY 10022 (212) 376-4477

Neighborhood: Manhattan/SoHo
462 Broadway
(between Broome St & Grand St)
New York, NY 10013 (212) 334-7444

NEXT: Luxury Shopping on Fifth Avenue

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