Friday, September 21, 2007

My Met Souvenir: The Classic Ten

I love The Met! I told dear Hubby that I can spend days there if I had my way. I really am convinced to get membership now. Especially since I would love to take advantage of the guided tours at The Costume Institute. Plus, add fact that I can get 10% off on Met merchandise!

See, they have a fantastic collection of books. Especially fashion books! Think hard to find titles! Its practically like a little slice of heaven =) And since I won't buy books until I get my membership, I only bought one when we were there - The Classic Ten.

If you love history and have a passion for fashion, then this book is just the sort of book for you! It may not be in the league of literary classics, but for fashionistas, this book is a must read!

The author, Nancy Macdonell Smith, traces the history of the little black dress, the white shirt, the cashmere sweater, blue jeans, the suit, high heels, pearls, lipstick, sneakers, and the trench coat, "things that every woman owns, or aspires to own, because they never go out of style".

As she says in her introduction, "Every item of clothing has a narrative. Some of their narratives carry greater weight, have a deeper meaning, and a more lasting influence than others. This is the story of those items."


Anonymous said...

hey! this sounds cool! will check Fully Booked if they have a copy.. sana..sana.. :D

Anonymous said...

how much does the book cost? :-)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Ruby! I think you can order the book from Fully Booked if they don't have it on stock (if I'm not mistaken!) Hopefully, they have it on stock, it's a super interesting read!

Hi Anonymous! It was about $15 with tax, but probably cheaper if you get it from Amazon!

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