Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SpoonFed Art from the Heart

Who knew that art therapy would not only help designer Karin Collins deal with an eating disorder, it would also help pave the way for her to start a fledgling business selling of all things, spoons! Well, jewelry/art made from spoons actually! Talk about the irony! Of the good sort of course! Kind of like facing your fears, but better, because you're making money out of it!

For more information on the unique and inspiring story behind SpoonFed Art, check out this article from LA Weekly.

To see more of Karin's beguiling collection, check out the SpoonFed Art site which also features a fresh new look featuring model Jessica Lee Garrison (from the ultra-hip Silverlake art gallery GhettoGloss, which now stocks SpoonFed Art!) photographed by NYLON magazine cofounder Mark Blackwell with styling by Tommi Zabrecky.

Best news of all, SpoonFed Art is currently running a FREE SHIPPING sale for all orders placed before the end of September 2007. The perfect reason to start on your holiday shopping!

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Conchita said...

ooohhh... these are nice! can you order for us? =)

raissa said...

oh wow how cool! I will check out this site. Thanks!

cd_mfo said...

Sure Cons! Just let me know if you girls want!

You're welcome Raissa! =)

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