Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

If you happen to be planning a trip to the East Coast, I strongly suggest that you include a visit to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley, New York in your itinerary. With over 200 stores to choose from, ranging from Gap to YSL, the place really has everything for everybody! Best of all, most of the high-end labels' stuff from seasons ago find their way here! Talk about designer heaven!

If I wasn't so excited checking out all the shops I would have taken photos of Bottega Veneta, Tods, Gucci, Burberry, Jimmy Choo -- the whole luxury bunch actually! What makes this place a must visit is the fact that labels we don't normally see in outlet malls like Judith Leiber, True Religion, Ugg and TSE have stores here!

Tory Burch and DVF have representation here too! Now how about that tunic top and wrap dress fans? Of course, remember that this is an outlet mall so stocks are limited. If you see something you like, it would make sense to just go ahead and get it because you might never see it again. See, the downside of outlet mall shopping is, the stuff may not be the best of the lot. You know, stuff that never really sold in their flagship boutiques and department store spaces. Let me put it this way, you won't see any IT bags or best sellers, i.e. the really good stuff, unless you get really really really lucky! So take it from me, if you like it, go and get it! That's my rule for outlet shopping at least!


Anonymous said...

ooh this is my favorite outlet store!! i've been here thrice. what other shopping places do you recommend in NY? i'm going there next month.

thanksee!! =)

raissa said...

hmmm was it a good thing or a bad thing that you posted this when I am already back in CA. LOL maybe next trip to NY.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tin! Share your outlet purchases naman! :) I love outlets, I'm soo jealous!

Had dinner with some people who said they bumped into Paul P. and he showed them pictures of you and Mr. MFO!

cd_mfo said...

There's plenty Nicole! Top of mind, Century 21 supposedly has good stuff, and of course do check out the "Special Items" at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker Street! Super cheap lang! I'll try to do a post on NY shopping sites asap! =)

Hahaha! Raissa, consider yourself "saved" from going crazy over outlet shopping! Anyway, there's always next time! Plus California has a lot of great outlet malls right? Cabazon is the West Coast version of Woodbury Common if I am not mistaken, hehehe! ;-)

Heya Pam! I posted na my outlet purchase, without the "s" take note! Heehee! Hope to see you here soon! =)

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