Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fashion Features from Life & Style Weekly

Here are the highlights from Life & Style Weekly's Style List. The October 29 issue is out on newsstands now! (Click on each image to enlarge)

PAGING DR. MCDREAMY—Life & Style pulls together some feminine, trendy twists on the classic doctor’s bag inspired by Dr. McDreamy himself. Victoria Beckham shows off her version here in white.

ALL FOR ONE —Finally, the best jeans for your body! Whether you’ve got a shape like Gwen Stefani, America Ferrara or Kate Bosworth, this week Life & Style has the perfect pair for you.

TO DYE FOR— Jennifer Garner and Scarlett Johansson show off beautiful dyed color patterns fresh from Europe. Here are some other great pieces to help you get the same look.

LIP SERVICE — Love Jessica Biel’s red hot lips? Many lipsticks contain traces of metal which can be harmful to your health if ingested. Here are some great shades, 100% metal-free and safe.

HEELING POWER — Treat your aching feet to some comfort. This week, Life & Style rounds up some heels that won’t hurt from super-affordable and designer names alike.

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