Saturday, October 06, 2007

Serena's "Home" and Chuck's "Hotel"

I was walking down Madison Ave. the other day when I saw this structure and instantly recognized it from Gossip Girl! But I didn't get to take a picture since I was in a rush to meet my good friend from high school Tet, and her daughter at their hotel farther down the road.

Last night, dear hubby and I where walking along Madison Ave. again, so I excitedly pointed Serena's home to him, which he of course recognized immediately! (He does, I force him to watch Gossip Girl with me! Hahaha!). This time we got to take a picture for posterity!

In reality, filming is done on a set that resembles this hotel. Oh and by the way, Chuck's family does not own this place. The New York Palace Hotel is in fact owned by Brunei Royalty!


Conchita said...

argh! my bro owes me the downloads of "gossip girl"!!!

cd_mfo said...

You gotta pressure Jong Cons! Heehee! Three episodes pa lang naman!

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