Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can't Go Out and Play

The usual bustling area near Times Square is bereft of theater patrons. Throngs of theater goers lining up outside the theaters have been replaced by placard bearing stagehands handing out fliers like this one I accepted:

Yes, unfortunately, for tourists who made the trek to New York City just to watch a long awaited play, there is practically none to be seen due to the "Stagehands Strike". After months of bitter negotiation, Broadway's stagehands went on strike November 10, shutting down most shows on the Theater District. "28 shows are affected by the strike, including some of Broadway's biggest hits, like Wicked, Hairspray and The Phantom of the Opera."

"Eight shows will continue to perform - among them Young Frankenstein and Mary Poppins - because they play in theaters that aren't covered by the expired contract."

Hopefully, the producers and stagehands will come to an amicable settlement soon...


Conchita said...

there's also the writers' strike right?! most of the shows have stopped production coz they ran out of scripts

cd_mfo said...

Yeah, writers strike in LA naman! I hope Gossip Girl doesn't get affected!

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