Monday, November 19, 2007


My sister-in-law and I were strolling by the LV store on Fifth Avenue and I just had to stop! Nope, it wasn't any particular bag that caught my eye. It was this dress!

Looked just as good up close as it did on the runway!

Sigh...How do I make you mine?

I miss my mananahi!

(Runway photo courtesy of


Conchita said...

yes! i'm sure if you were here you'd have that sewn in all colors possible!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you mind sharing your mananahi? May I please have the contact number? Thanks! You may email me at Thanks!

LegallyChef said...

tin! just email the pic to me and we can get it done. manang edna keeps a record of our measurements naman kasi she was comparing my measurements from the last time nga e

Anonymous said...

CD! how much was the dress??? It really looks so chic :)

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