Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Search Continues...Part I

Yesterday, I decided to brave the cold and pound the pavements of NYC for winter boots. Talking about it wasn't going to bring me anything so I set aside a whole afternoon for this task. I was both excited and nervous, because I didn't know what was in store for me. What if I don't find my size? What if Plans A, B, C, and D don't materialize? Will I ever go home with the prize?

I geared up well, wanting to make sure that trying on boots would be an easy task. I wore black tights under my skinny jeans, the easier to slip the boots on my dear. I left my long wool coat at home and braved the cold with my Alice+Olivia puffer vest to keep my arms light and free.

First stop was Chuckies NYC on the Upper East Side (1073 Third Avenue). I figured, I will have better chances seeing the boots here as not a lot of tourists know about this place. As I crossed Third Avenue, what do I see but sale signs on their display window!

I silently said a prayer and applauded myself for deciding to go here first.

But my celebration proved premature. Sure, the Lanvin boots that I wanted were there, at 30% off no less. But it was in dark brown. Hmmm, I don't mind settling with this one, I compromised. As I gingerly picked the boot up hoping that they had it in my size somewhere in the deep recesses of the stock room, a red sharpie-d note at the bottom of the boot glared back at me - "Last Pair".

Too bad it was a 39! Arrggghhh, talk about counting my eggs before they are hatched!

Disappointed but not dejected, I walked a couple of blocks to Madison Ave., where Barneys was. So ok, the website didn't have it in my size, but who knows, it might be here! As I made my way to the shoe section, what do I see but racks and racks of designer shoes on sale!!! Lanvin, Louboutin, YSL, Blahnik, Miu Miu, Prada, Marni, Martin Margiela, Pierre Hardy, Alaia, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney flats, pumps and high heeled boots at at least 40% off!

I spent half an hour going through the racks, sifting through the line-up and seriously considered foregoing winter boots and just buying a couple of pretty flats instead. I tried a few on (ok, not a few, a lot!) and was just about ready to choose between dove grey Marni or black satin with patent trim Lanvin flats when I remembered I was there for a purpose. So I walked around the non-sale items until lo and behold! The Lanvin section!

The boots were there all right, but were not made of the kind of leather I wanted. One was black patent, one a light caramel shade of brown, the other in black. It could work, but it was paper thin! It was nothing quite like the leather I've seen at Chuckies, nothing close to what it appeared to me on the website. Sure, they were light as feather but with the kind of walking around that I do, these boots might not last this winter. They were $40 cheaper all right ($820 vs. the website's $860), but I'd rather pay extra for more durable leather. That being said, I decided to move on to Bergdorfs where I might have better luck. But not before I passed by the sale section again and spent another couple of minutes debating on whether I should get flats instead. I tell you, it was so hard to walk away from all those good deals!!!

Bergdorf was awash with shoppers going crazy over the designer bags on sale at the ground floor. As I went up the shoe section, it turns out they were on sale as well! This time, I decided to keep my eye on the prize. Sadly, there were no Lanvin boots to be found here.

Of course, I couldn't resist checking out the sale section where I saw tons of Chanel flats at 30% off the ticket price! With my weakness for ballerina flats I again ditched the idea of buying boots, but as I tried one on for size, they just looked so blah to me. Something was off with the shape it seemed. Not at all flat-tering! Pardon the pun!

The discovery of the day however were the Miu Miu Vernice Pop Pumps in Rosso for only $300+! Waaaahhhh!

Again, I rationalized that since these were made of patent leather and covered my feet anyway, I was better off with these instead. But well, they weren't very comfortable. Remembering to check the boots on sale, I did a quick run through but didn't find anything that appealed to my aesthetic. The boots were either too high, too chunky, too embellished or too pointy...I better move on to Saks then!

Apparently, the whole world was on sale. Saks had these exact same Prada sfumatas on sale for about $300, maybe even less...

By this time, I just wanted to find the perfect black boots! I didn't pay attention to the foot candy that were laid out in front of me. But as I wandered past the Louboutin section, I decided to try on some heels.

Now I'm not a heels kind of girl, but I figured I might as well know my size in case I decide to buy online. While some styles pinched my toes, the Simple 85 and the Very Prive pumps were indeed very very comfortable! (This coming from a girl who hardly wears heels!) Getting frustrated, I considered buying CL pumps instead of boots, but with my housewife lifestyle, decided against it as it just seemed silly to buy one at this point in my life...

(to be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tin!

A similar Prada degrade pair is also on sale here at 30% off but the color is blush/black and with a bow in front... would have worn them with open toe tights, too... But still deliberating if I should get them or not. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

waaahh!!i'm a size 39!!!
and OMG!! those are the prada sfumatas i want :( they were sold out in hk


cd_mfo said...

Hi Ruby! The going rate for Prada sandals from F/W 07 are about $300 here so if it's about the same price range there, I wouldn't feel bad if I were you. I tried it on but they weren't comfortable, but since you are used to wearing heels, maybe you'll be ok with it! Also, for as long as you get tons of mileage out of it para sulit, go and get it! =) I think it's a piece of art!

Grace, the brown Lanvins were gorgeous! At $500ish not bad diba? The Prada sfumatas (thanks for reminding me btw) are still very much available here! Even has it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Ang layo ng presyo!!! huhuhu

Anonymous said...

I see someone's having a confusing retail therapy over there! Enjoy!!!

Weren't there any Roger Viviers? haha I just find Bruno Frisoni's designs so amazing.

At least, there the items for sale aren't only the "classic ones." SSI and Rustan's suck in the buying department.

cd_mfo said...

Gian! OMG! Yes! There were Roger Vivier flats and pumps! How could I forget! I tried a couple of those buckle flats, but they run large, they were at least half a size too big though!!! So none fit =(

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