Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Search Continues...Part II

While I was lingering around the Louboutin section, I saw a guy awkwardly holding a pair of heels. I couldn't help but notice because he stuck out like a sore thumb. Turns out he was waiting for the SA who came with a box of shoes and told him that "She can just come and look for me if she needs another size..."

Awww, turns out he was buying it as a gift for someone special! What a sweet boy! Now if only our men are like that huh? Hahaha!

I pulled away from the CLs and figured I might have better luck looking for boots downtown, maybe in SoHo or the West Village. But it was already past 4 and I decided against it because I wanted to wait for Dear Hubby to get off work so we can go home together.

I passed by St. Patrick's Cathedral and thought of dashing inside to say a quick prayer of help, but given that my prayer seemed so petty, it just seemed so shameful of me! Next time then, when I can go inside with kind thoughts in my head and unselfish intentions in my heart...

Tired and now disappointed, I went to Zara to see if they had anything that would remotely resemble the elusive Lanvins. I crouched down on every shoe rack they had and finally found the flat boots on the second floor!

True enough, this style was practically sold out. Great news again for those with size 39 or 40 feet! But bad news for me! Boohoo!

I called Dear Hubby to check up on his progress at work and he said we could meet up outside his office by 5:15. It was almost 5:00 so I made a pit stop to H&M just to see what they had there. But nope, no flat boots there. Zilch! Nada! Zero! Wrong move to start with the posh stores I thought. Now all the shoes here just seem so sub-par, but on an otherwise normal day, they would look pretty ok...

Remotely pleased that I didn't spend anything but very tired from a fruitless excursion, I went to Dear Hubby's office and waited for him outside his building. I was standing there plotting out my downtown itinerary when a girl comes up to me and asks me where MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) is.

"Just walk straight up and go past Fifth Avenue" I tell her. She says thanks and walks away towards the direction I pointed out, and for a second I get a cheap thrill that people in New York actually ask me for directions! Really! I get that a lot! Maybe I look like a New Yorker now, and not the "bagong salta" that I really am! Hahaha!

I stay outside for a couple of minutes until I couldn't bear the cold anymore and went inside the warm lobby of Dear Hubby's building to wait for him.

Finally he comes down and after kissing me asks if I was able to buy anything today.

"I didn't find anything..." I say sadly.

"Good for you!", he says with a wide smile!

(To be continued...)


Anonymous said...

aww... this is nice! tin, post more of your husband and wife stories for our enjoyment naman heehee!

cd_mfo said...

There's more to come Pam! With hubby as the comic relief! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear more about your shopping adventures and misadventures! haha

I hope you find the ultimate pair of killer shoes you'd been dreaming of all this time!

cd_mfo said...

I hope so too Gian! I hope so too! =)

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