Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Anthropologie Home

One of my favorite places to window shop at is Anthropologie. I can spend a whole afternoon there just browsing through the pieces on display. And I am not even talking about clothes here!

Their home ware section is absolutely delightful! From quaint ceramic knobs to pretty aprons, from antique inspired glasses to quirky salt and pepper shakers and measuring spoons, they have it all! I keep forgetting this is the best place to shop for housewarming gifts because the pieces here really are special.

I find it hard to walk away without buying anything from Anthropologie, but I do. Because no matter how cute the items are, really, how many plates and glasses does one really need in the cupboard? I still keep on coming back to tease myself though, because I get a weird sort of high just imagining how my kitchen and dining room would be like if I had such pretty house things! These are the sort of pieces that put a smile to your face as you sip your tea or nibble on a cookie because inanimate as they are, it just spouts personality!

Maybe I'll give in one of these days, who knows! But for now, I'll just practice self-control. Sigh!

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