Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk for Target Part III

I didn't realize the designing duo came up with so many pieces for their Target collection! Hence, another post still about Jovovich-Hawk for Target...

Let me start off with this vest and a lacy dress that I didn't try on since they were waaaay too big for me and it just wouldn't do these pieces any justice - given that I really think there is potential with these items once worn...I mean hey, these were the only pieces left so they sold really fast...

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Star Print Vest - Ebony $29.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Strappy Lace Dress - Ebony $39.99

As for these, for some reason they were my size, but they still looked too big on me. They were quite loose and didn't fit well, so I suggest you size down should you be in the market for striped tees or an A-line mini...

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Stripe Tee $14.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Stripe Tee - Full Sun/ Head to Taupe $14.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Denim Mini Skirt - Medium Wash $24.99

Now, on to some more tops, bottoms and swimwear that will get you scurrying to Target, if not Target.com =)

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Linen Shorts with Buttons on Pockets - Navy Cross-Dye $26.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Linen Culottes - Navy Cross-Dye $39.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Pleated Eyelet Tunic - Ebony $26.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Dot Belt Top - White/ Multicolor $24.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Paisley Belted Shirt - Ebony/ Wave Ecru $24.99

These swimsuits were really cute! And pretty decent for the price...

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Chevron 1-pc. Swimsuit - Vision Blue/ Green Fringe $29.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Arabesque 1-pc. Swimsuit - White/ Brown Multicolor $29.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Dot Bandeau - Ebony/ Waffle Cone$16.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Dot Print Swim Bottoms - Ebony/ Waffle Cone $16.99

Final post tomorrow of Jovovich-Hawk for Target tees and dresses! Whew, I think I spent a total of 4 hours trying on almost all the pieces from the collection. Suffice it to say, the Target lady in charge of the fitting room was giving me disapproving looks every time I walked in with 5 pieces (the maximum limit) to try on! Well, I gotta do what I gotta do! Hahaha!


Unknown said...

love the belted tops and the polka bikini :)

Anonymous said...


Fashion Trend Guide said...

Great pics! I like the 2nd swimsuit, I haven't seen that yet. The shorts and tops look really good on you.

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