Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wifely Duty

I think I have ADHD. I can't bear to write another post about J-H for Target, the thought of it just bores me. So here's an intermission. Nothing short of pulling out my hair, I will just post an outfit I'm wearing today while doing my household chores...

Long sleeved tee: Old Navy
Dress: SM Department Store
Belt: H&M
Open toe tights: Express
Sandals: Chloe

This is also actually a shout out to my fellow housewife who left a comment on one of my previous posts! I know how you feel! Apart from doing all the activities you've listed - yes, I ticked off each and every one you've mentioned ;) this is another thing I do to kill time -- dressing up even if I have nowhere to go! And yes, doing my chores while wearing 4" wedges. I've got the laundry basket behind me to prove it. Heehee!

Email me at, I'd love to hear from you! We can even meet up when you're free! We almost always are anyway, heehee! See you soon!

Cathy, I hear you! I'll post about your question soon! =)


Eubelle said...

i am just so in love with your outfit especially the chloe wedges. would i still be able to find that belt at h&m or have you had it in a while na?

i always make it point to "dress up" myself and my eulla even if we have no where to go either. my husband enjoys going home and seeing us both looking lovely. of course i dont get as much kisses as eulla ;) hihihi

being a housewife has its ups and down :D

cd_mfo said...

Hi Belle! It's still available! I just got it 2 weeks ago! Harvs picked it out for me, oh diba stylist? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

wow nice!:) model-ish look:)

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

Well a housewife in Chloe wedges sounds fab!


Anonymous said...

glad to know that you never let your self "go" even while staying at home! will keep that in mind when i get married! :)

love that you incorporated a dress from SM. :) they've got some really fab summer dresses out now. :)

cd_mfo said...

Haha! Thanks gian!

Oh yes, keeps the hubby happy too tin! He likes seeing me in dresses, even if I just stay home =) SM has tons of good stuff, going there is like a treasure hunt, more often that not, there's always a "precious thing" I end up with!

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