Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk for Target Part IV

Ok. Here it is, the last and final stretch of the J-H for Target collection! There were a couple more pieces I didn't try on, but I've covered most of it, the major pieces at least...the rest were just tank tops and plain belted tops similar to the contrast print belted tops I posted earlier!

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Stripe Tieback Top - Winter Sky/ Head to Taupe $14.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Dot Wrap Dress - Wave Ecru $34.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Jacquard Wrap Dress - Ebony/ Ecru $34.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Dot Tieback Top - Wave Ecru $14.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Arabesque Halter Dress - Multicolor $29.99
WARNING: This is very hard to wear! The elastic doesn't really stretch so it was a struggle to get into this dress.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Corset Front Dress - Wave Ecru $39.99

Jovovich-Hawk for Target® Smocked Dress - Terry Heather Gray $34.99

This one is really cute for summer, worn as a bikini cover-up! I don't have a picture, but it looks great once worn!

My verdict?

I do have to admit, some of the dresses are too frilly and boho for my taste. The collection suits a certain type of personality and body frame. But I think there is something here for everyone. For instance, I like the tunic top with stars, and the polka dot bikini is pretty cute and reasonably priced. The tees were soft and very comfortable against the skin, but the smallest size was still too big for me, so I passed. I also liked the bikini cover-up, but I wouldn't wear it as that. It is quite versatile and I can imagine J-H replicating that in different prints (like florals) to go on top of dresses for a truly vintage-y romantic vibe.

Quality wise, I am not sure if it can withstand more than a couple of washings, but if you are careful with your clothes, then it may last beyond its life expectancy. But hey, we all know we aren't exactly paying top dollar for these items, they are pretty much disposable fashion. After all, these clothes are meant for us normal folks who want to wear "designer pieces" without paying the "designer price".

All in all, I had fun trying on the clothes. It was like exploring someone else's wardrobe - maybe a grandma who was a hippie in her youth. But I can't imagine myself walking around wearing those dresses. Unless I was going to a dress-up tea party where I have to wear flouncy chiffons, silk stockings and gloves and high heeled mary janes, or to the Glastonbury Festival where I can wear it with Hunter rainboots to give me that boho chic, free spirit vibe, I wouldn't go for their trademark dresses. But hey, that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting these pictures! I really really appreciate it, but I do have some questions . . .

What size do you normally wear? And which size did you try on for the corset dress? It looked beautiful on you, you should have bought it!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Anon! And you're welcome too! =)

I'm an XS or a Misses Size 1. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding so quickly!

But - um . . . sorry, which size dress did you try on? The one? I have to buy online and I really want to be sure I get the right size.

Sorry for bothering you so much!

cd_mfo said...

No problem! That's what this post is for! =) I tried on the size 1 for the corset dress. I really am a Misses size 1 so it fit true to size. Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet, thank you!

cd_mfo said...

You're welcome! =) I'm happy to help!

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