Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plain and Simple

These days, we just seem to get too caught up with what's newer, better, faster, hotter! But sometimes plain and simple isn't so bad. There's beauty in the most random, everyday things if we just stop and look...

Lately, I've just been staying at home. Trying to avoid shopping! Heehee! Hence, my no make-up, no fuss, housewife look, still clutching the house keys too! Yup! No glamour here!

Long sleeved tee: Mango
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Jeans: J Brand 910

(Photos courtesy of Harvey Dychiao)


raissa said...

thats true! when did I last look out the window? sat in a park bench and reflect? eat a melting ice cream cone? dance under the rain? hay I am actually making an effort not to be logged on to my computer everyday when I get home. So far I have been pretty good with it. Oh and I am thinking, actually starting May going to put myself on a monthly clothes and shoes spending budget hahaha the unused funds will be rolled over to buy classic, timeless pieces. LOL

Eubelle said...

tin! ang suplada ng dating hehehe!

tell papa harv, ang galing ng shots niya :D

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! fierce, tin, fierce!

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