Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time: The New Status Symbol

And I don't mean watches. We're talking hard currency here, as measured in seconds, minutes, hours. No wonder there's that phrase "the luxury of time..."

Because some people are too busy earning big bucks to be bothered by mundane matters, it is not uncommon for a certain mogul to employ someone to wear his sweaters to hurry the process of that worn-in look, for a British filmmaker to keep a supply of gift baskets with luxurious generic items to a ship out at a moment's notice, and for a certain billionaire to employ an in-house burger chef, who flies with him wherever he goes...

If you find that amazing, read all about it in this May 2008 W article below:

When Reuters reported on time being considered a luxury, little did we normal folks realize how far the big shots would go to make the most of their precious hours!

Hey, if there are any billionaires reading this blog, I've got lots of time! For a reasonable fee, I'm willing to spend my hours doing your shopping! I've got excellent taste, and I will never make you look nouveau riche if you just let me do my thing! I can even break in your new shoes for you! For free! How's that for a deal?!

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