Monday, April 21, 2008

Public Service Announcement!

Catch the return of Gossip Girl tonight, at 8/7 p.m. CST exclusively on The CW.

Here's the Daily Candy recap:

"Blair’s life is in shambles, having been dethroned by back-to-back bombshells that a) she might be preggers and b) the babydaddy could be Chuck or Nate. (Cough, tramp.)

Luckily, the hormonal bitchiness is just Blair’s personality, not an unborn Upper Eastsider. But the damage is done. Chuck and Nate abandon her, and the cruel crew dethrones her as queen bee, wasting no time in choosing a replacement: social-climbing Jenny Humphrey."

Ooohh! Scandal-ous!


MFO ;)

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For those who checked in earlier, and saw the original image I uploaded for this post, I have to apologize for my lack in judgment! Eeep! My bad! While I am happy that Gossip Girl is back, I think the cwtv people responsible for that image need to have their mouths washed with soap! Well, that and and a good spanking from conservative watchdogs!


Anonymous said...

i hate jenny! ugh, despicable little social-climber...btw, if you happen to figure out who makes Serena's first leather jacket in this episode (the orangey one in the first 15 minutes or so), kindly let me know. I've been searching for it high and low all morning long...

cd_mfo said...

Yeah! I hate her too and her outsized social ambitions! Ugh! As for Serena's leather jacket, sure! I will research on that and when I come across something I will definitely let you know! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh GG fever is back!!! haha

Now, I'm curious to find out what happens next. It's really entertaining. haha

raissa said...

ugh I hate Jenny too! Shes annoying but you have to admit you have met some of her kind in real life and now its so magnified on screen and you feel vindicated why you felt the same way before hahaha

The fashion in this show is so awesome. but for sure it breaks the bank hahaha

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