Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sharing My Outfit Day

This is what I wore last Saturday. We were invited over to lunch at a friend's house. It was very spring-y so I decided to shave my legs and wear a dress! Hahaha! The weather was just right, sunny but with a bit of chill in the air.

By 4 pm, it started to get a lot cooler so I had to wear a light jersey scarf around my neck.

What's so special about this outfit? Well for starters, I got the dress on clearance for $10, the coat was a Gap export overrun that cost me Php700 pesos back in Manila, the Zara cardigan was $20 CAD and the jersey scarf was $14 from TJ Maxx! So yeah, all in all this outfit cost me about $58 or about Php2,500! (Excluding the shoes, bag and jewelry though! Heehee!)

Strawberry necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane
Bag: Balenciaga
Ballet flats: French Sole


art lover said...

you have the balenciaga bag!!!!
where did you buy it?

i am in love with that bag.. if i see one at a descent price i'm gonna get it and throw away all my bags..

cd_mfo said...

Hi Kit! I got it from the Balenciaga NY boutique. But you can scour ebay for Balenciagas, although you should have it authenticated by the Purse Forum first! I've seen pretty good deals there, but you really have to do your research on the seller and the item before you place your bid! I saw one selling now on ebay for just $700! =)

Anonymous said...

sorry, I don't think your outfit is hot. the yellow scarf throws the outfit off course. I would have chosen a scarf that complimented the dress. nice try! as for the bag, I can't make it out..therefore no comment.

cd_mfo said...

Bwahahaha! Well, I wasn't aiming for "hot", so no biggie there. And I like accessories that throw off an outfit, so yay! Points for me! I'm all about dressing for comfort and wearing stuff that I like, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I even dress like a grandma, because I find that look appealing (well to me anyway). The problem with people these days is that they ascribe to one look and that's that. Everything else is "not doing anything for them". But we all should learn to look at the elements that make up an outfit and not it's totality, and pick out that element that may work for us. So nice try bitchin'! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Im such a fan of ur blog. Im based in Shanghai with my family, but right now im in Manila to assist my eldset as he enters college in UP.
I love the GAP coat ur wearing! and the honestly without a blink, the yellow scraf is just adorable. Its carefree .Its FUN. We should have more FUN in our outfits, dont you think?
So, where can i score the GAP coat ur wearing? if ur OK to share it with me?
Best Regards,

cd_mfo said...

Thanks so much Mariz! Yes, I totally agree! Fashion should be fun! It shouldn't be taken so seriously! =)

As for my GAP coat, I got it from Jenny's Garments. The address is JG Building, C. Raymundo Street, Bo. Maybunga, Pasig City

We were able to get in courtesy of my husband's friend, but you can also call them as they may entertain walk-ins:
Tel: (02) 641-4771 to 75; 643-8142 to 47; 643-8504 to 06; 641-4409

I've also seen export overruns from Gap, Banana Rep & J. Crew in Greenhills (the tiangge section) and at bazaars like Karl Edwards so you can also look for coats there! My friend got a really cute J. Crew wool coat for less than P2000 in Greenhills. Best of all, it was current season, and retailed for over $200!

Good luck to your son and congratulations to him for getting into UP! I'm a proud alumna (although I have to admit, it was a great culture shock at first but it's definitely a grounding experience!) and I hope you find lots of nice coats for Shanghai! =)

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