Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheap Thrill

When a shopping ban is in full force, I only have my monthly magazine subscriptions to give me my fashion fix.

That and Red Mango frozen yogurt! When I'm itching to spend, $6 for a cup of frozen yogurt is a luxury I can afford! Hehehe!

Thank goodness for life's little pleasures! And my dear husband Harvey who captured me in all my happy glory!


LegallyChef said...

Tin! i'm making froyo here during the break! i've started with the yogurt tonight! bwhahah! i'll tell you how it goes!

Vanessa said...

Well, yoghurt is good for you so splurge away! :-)

Thanks for the Candide recommendation, by the way. I've never come across it before...

Have a good one! :-)

Eubelle said...

i love the photo! mukang enjoy ka with your yogurt :D

is it really shopping ban tin? were you able to stay away from the mall talaga? gosh, i applaud you if you have.

Eubelle said...

btw tin, have you heard of a base for louis vuitton so that the bottom of the bag does not sag? i saw one on line. what do you think of it? i wanted a professional fashionista's opinion ;)

my speedy 30 is only a year old and the saddest thing is that i didnt seem to take care of it very well. one of sides of the bag has a wire coming out already huhuhu. im gonna try to get it repaired.

Unknown said...

tin! i miss the regular yoghurt with mochi and strawberries. shucks i'm craving for a cup now!

cd_mfo said...

Lorr! How was your froyo?!

You're welcome Vanessa, and thanks, hope you find lots of good stuff to read!

Hi Belle! Hehehe, yes, shopping ban! Although does online shopping count? Kidding! Hahaha! Hmm, sige I'll research on those LV bases, sad about your speedy! =(

Hehehe! I know how you feel Chico! I love their mochi too! Did you know I finished that medium cup by myself? Well, with a little bit of help from Harvs. After that I started coughing na! Hahaha! Darn that red mango! It's so good!

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