Friday, April 18, 2008

This is Crazy Good!

20 issues for $10. That's 50 cents an issue for two years!

Hell yeah! Of course I subscribed! I remember buying Teen Vogue for my little sister Nicole for Php250 an issue back home! (Because I read it too! Heehee!) So it's like 2 issues there is 20 issues here?

So unfair no?


Sara said...

Haha you're in NJ pala :)

Wow that's cheap. Seriously. Even back issues cost more than 50 cents here. :o

Anonymous said...

If only magazines are as cheap here in Manila!!!!

They usu. cost 3-5 times more expensive or even more!!! It's not funny.

And I've also noticed that US fashion mags are often dirt cheap compared to the European ones. Vogue Paris doesn't sell for $ 12 = 12 issues. :)

Anonymous said...

hay nako!!!! teen vogue is 350 per issue here, if you get the subscription(i used to, but i got sawa), it's around 250 per issue. so expensive!!


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