Monday, May 12, 2008

Krusell Purple Label: Stylish Mobile Cases from Sweden

If you're forced to keep your mobile phone ensconced in those masculine black cellphone cases (Because you're not willing to spend oodles of dough on logo-ed luxury cases?), then you'll find great relief from Krusell's Purple Label Collection. The Swedish company Krusell, which produces and designs cases for portable electronics, has taken women's concerns to heart by combining technology with style and fashion. Ahhh yes, trust the Swedes (who brought us IKEA, H&M and Cheap Mondays) to come up with functional yet well-designed pieces!

Says Ulf Sandberg, CEO of Krusell International AB, "With our second collection for our Purple Label, we will further extend our target group. We will reach a wider range of trend conscious and fashion oriented consumers."

Just check out these cases to see what he means:

Coco is feminine & flirty and designed with classical elements (think Chanel quilt!) in mind. It comes in white, black & pink and has a detachable chain handle of white gold or red gold plated chain with charms. Note that the quilted leather has a pearly sheen to it! How girly can this one get?

Couture is made for party wear and clubbing! So you can keep your hands free while dancing, but still keep your valuables with you! It comes in black or white nappa leather with an embossed flower pattern. Its braided shoulder strap, chain handle and tassel with charms are all detachable! It even has two credit card slots at the back!

Lush comes in a rainbow of patent leather summer colors like Provence Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Daiquiri Green and Black! Great for everyday use, and you can even match it to whatever outfit you have on for the day!

These cases come in one size to fit small to medium sized mobile phones and cameras. In addition they can be used as a smaller evening bag, or for make-up and credit cards for every-day use. They are made out of exquisite leather with features like credit card slots, straps, tassels, and chains with charms.

What more can a girl with a cellphone/PDA ask for?

In Asia, Krusell's Purple Label Collection is available in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. If you would like to order online, you may do so through Expansys.

About Krusell:
Krusell International AB is a Swedish company exporting high-end cases around the world. After more than 10 years in the cell phone industry, Krusell is established as one of the leading brands in its niche. Besides cases for mobile and smart phones, Krusell also produces cases for PDAs, digital cameras, MP3-players and lap tops. Most Krusell cases sold are equipped with their patented carrying solution, Multidapt. The headquarters of Krusell are located in Mölndal, Sweden.

For information about Krusell, please visit

TIP: Check out the website! Krusell and yours truly will be raffling off FIVE Krusell Purple Label cases to you dear readers! I'll be asking a couple of questions and first to send in their reply will get a prize! Promise! ;)


Vanessa said...

I like Couture best. And the promise of a hands-free evening is very appealing. No more clunky purse.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Swedes!

They always seem to be at the forefront of design.

In this case, I wouldn't mind dressing up my mobile phone. haha

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