Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pantene's Most Beautiful Women Dare To Get Wet!

Oohhh! How intriguing huh? But it's not what you think!

When I got an invite (thanks Romsie!) to cover the event, of course I got "kilig" again! It really is fun to see products before they hit the market so it was interesting to discover what Pantene had under wraps...

Again, I sent my Manila-based "correspondents" to do the reporting for me! After cocktails at Hotel Intercon's poolside with the strummings of a harpist on the foreground, they were treated to a visual spectacle of synchronized swimmers/dancers who aptly dared to get wet!

Turns out it was the launch of Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control's new formulation - the water-activated Pro-Vitamin B5 formula that reduces hair fall due to hair breakage by up to 98%. It nourishes the hair root and helps strengthen hair resulting in less breakage. How relevant is this water-activated thingamajig you might ask?

Well, if you remember, hair is at its weakest when wet. Remember how much hair falls out when brushing wet hair? And why detangling is such a big deal? And! The reason why swimmers are more prone to falling hair, split ends, discoloration and such? I should know, when I was in high school, I was with the swim club (can you believe that!) and I used to get teased "Badjao" (Sea Gypsy) because my hair was so brownish red from all the sun, water and chlorine I was exposed to! And, sigh, yes I always seemed to shed hundreds of strands of hair after showering! So swimmers especially, take note! This might just be the shampoo for you!

After Ella Reyes, Pantene's Brand Manager, spoke about hairfall and how Pantene can help control it, Pantene's Council of Stylists (the country's top hairstylists) were introduced: Rose Velasco and Jude Hipolito (Univers Phyto by Kaizen), Jing Monis (Propaganda), Celeste Tuviera (Symmetria), Henri Calayag (Henri Calayag Salon), Louis Kee (Razzle Dazzle), and Victor Ortega (Emphasis)...

Of course, the clincher for the evening (apart from Pantene itself of course!) were Pantene's Most Beautiful Women of 2008: Ruffa Gutierrez, Gretchen Baretto, Judy Anne Santos and Claudine Baretto...

Oh diba, showbiz! The guests even had the chance to interview the stylists and endorsers (ala The Buzz?). And do a meet and greet afterwards. You know, take photos with them for posterity...which my "correspondents" did not seem to do! Hehehe!

Best of all, and I think the main reason why my "correspondents" are game to attend these events for me, is because they came home with swag! Aren't they beautiful too? (You better attend events for me again! Heehee!)

For more about Pantene products and Pantene's Most Beautiful campaign, check out their website!


Vanessa said...

OK, this admittedly has nothing to do with hair-care products, but but it's certainly about beauty and getting wet (almost)! Heard of The New York City Waterfalls? Four man-made falls will be installed along the waterfronts of New York and will remain there from June till October. It's a massive public art project, and I'm sure a sight to behold! Since you're living in NYC you might want to check it out. You're a lucky gal!

cd_mfo said...

Wow! Haven't heard of that! Thanks for the tip Vanessa! My husband and I will definitely check it out! =)

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