Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sharing My Outfit Day: Airport Style

Nothing new here, still wearing my favorite pleated and cuffed trousers from H&M, a white shirt and an old Topshop denim jacket I've had for almost a decade (a gift from Dear Hubby back when we were still BF/GF!). This denim jacket was fished out from oblivion as I haven't worn it in ages! Actually, when news came about that faded denim was due for a comeback, I made it a point to look for it in our dusty storage space! Yeah, pretty much as soon as I got home in Manila!

Nothing beats gladiator sandals when it comes to comfort and style...

Got it from the kids section in Zara! Quite a steal too at about $60!

(Photos courtesy of Harvey Dychiao)


raissa said...

oh good thing I havent tossed out my faded denim jacket....i hope =)

gladiator sandals are not only comfortable but so convenient for those security checks.

Like your outfit..

btw, I got to try on the Old Navy Jelly Gladiator sandals (finally!). They were actually comfortable but the snaps may be a bit hard to deal with.

McDreamer said...

i bought mine (gladiators) yesterday at Anthem in Rockwell Power Plant... I really liked it because I didn't have a hard time putting them on, they have zippers at the back so i can just slip my feet and go... btw, are you still here in Manila? when are you leaving???

Vanessa said...

I have lusted over gladiator sandals forever, long before they became en vogue, and finally have a pair. I wear them everywhere and everyday now. Never one for ballet shoes, it's the best way to wear flats, in my opinion! :-)

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