Thursday, July 03, 2008

Something's Wrong

In a good way...

Shopping bores me these days. There's nothing in particular I really want to buy. The Lanvin flats I've been eyeing for ages are now on sale at Barneys. But I still have yet to get my ass to Madison Avenue. Normally the thought of Lanvins on sale would have had me making a beeline to Barneys in a New York minute.

I have a couple of items that I watch out for on Ebay. But I just end up deleting unopened Ebay messages in my inbox with nary a thought.

Dear Hubby suggested we look for things to buy over the long weekend, but the idea of window shopping tires me out as it is.

I thought I just needed some inspiration, so I turned to my stack of fashion magazines that have yet to be read (June to July issues of Vogue, Teen Vogue, Harpers, Elle and W). I scanned a couple but I found myself yawning midway and putting each one down.

Is it because of jetlag? Is it the thought of rising gas prices and the fear of inflation? Am I getting old? Maybe I'm sick!

I really don't know. But hey, at least I'm not spending!


Anonymous said...

that's soooooo good!!! i need to catch what you have. sigh... i just purchased a pair of marni platforms on sale. eeeks!!! and couldn't resist a really really cheap 3.1 phillip lim dress at barneys. not spending is a good thing!! i need to do the same :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I've been feeling that or a couple of weeks now. Parang nothing's new, nothing exciting to see. But yes in a way it's good, I was able to buy my south sea pearl earrings. =) but still, i think it's the fashion cycle, nothing new and groundbreaking to offer i guess.

Anonymous said...

oh also, aloha rag in having a sale too lots of lanvin flats

Anonymous said...

hahaha... i know what you mean! must be the signs of the times. economy is bad and retailers have nothing exciting to offer, so there! di ba with bad economy, fashion also seems dour?

Anonymous said...

thats because you miss us.
you miss your crazy messy family
you miss the hype and the dinners
or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I can relate to the satiated appetite for shopping. the lack of enthusiasm for it.

anyways, Vogue makes me yawn seriously. It's becoming the new Vanity Fair. I'm thinking that you should try to expand your magazines into fashion magazines that offer a whole new perspective on fashion. it's really interesting especially the bi-annuals and the quarterlies.

W has nice editorials but articles wise it's so-so for me.

You just need to keep on discovering, CD!

Cheers! ;)

JBL said...

Hi. Just came across your blog from Nelwin Uy's site. I'm based in NY too. I just have to agree with you shopping gets boring once you become older.


Ginger said...

Hi..I just got married too in the PHilippines about a month ago and when I came back, I felt the same way about shopping. It wasn't so interesting anymore :(

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