Saturday, August 09, 2008

Style SOS: Boots Clues

Hi! MFO!

My name is Cherie, I'm from Vancouver! And and I am an avid reader of your blog! Congratulations on your wedding! Your pictures made me reminisce about my grade school days in MTQ!!! Anyhoo, I just bought the Hunter Lady N boot in beige and I have no idea how to wear it! Especially for the fall! Can you give me some tips? i don't want to look too old wearing them as i am only 17...Thank you so much for reading my email!

Thanks too for your email Cherie! Good move on those Hunter wellies! Since you got yourself a pretty much neutral colored pair of boots, I think your wellies will go with anything be it shorts, leggings, jeans and dresses! In terms of color, you shouldn't be afraid to bust out the brights as with this girl who boldly paid her green wellies with red skinny pants!

Here are some outfits to check out for inspiration! Don't worry too much about clashing prints (how about plaids, leopard print and floral!) & colors (deep burgundy, plum, and forest green tights instead of black, and anything tomato red are gonna be big for F/W 08-09!), and mixing textures (I'm feeling tweeds, wool, corduroy, denim and colored tights with your wellies for fall) and all that! The worst that can happen is that you'll look like an aristocratic English eccentric (which I am quite inspired with at the moment), and there is nothing wrong with that, at all! You're still young and you can get away with anything! ;-)

For fall, you can just wear a pair of tights under your shorts and dresses, and wear a coat with volume to balance out the chunkiness of the boots!

Don't forget to play with prints and/or colors to keep it young!

Enjoy your Hunter wellies Cherie! Oh! And you might consider getting fleece welly socks too for an added burst of warmth and color! =)

(Photos from thesartorialist,,,,


Vanessa said...

CD, my own Wellies are "English country" with houndstooth checks on them, in brown. Who knew Gummi (as they're known in Germany) could be so dressy? I love them best with jeans as they can look chunky. I did spot tapered SigMor pairs a year ago that were more equestrian and did wonders to lengthen the leg...Must check out Hunter.

cd_mfo said...

Oooh! Your wellies are very English eccentric vanessa! But yes, you definitely must check out Hunter wellies too!

xpiavx said...

I've been checking your blog at least once a week since Dec last year...and I'm always impressed with your entries. It really shows that you take your time and exert a lot of effort to shed some light and answer questions from your avid readers. Keep up the good work!
By the way, thanks for illustrating various ways to wear wellies. Now I'm more convinced to add them to my collection of boots! lol :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks pia for your lovely comment! I really do try to help out everyone with their style/fashion dilemmas in the best way possible =) You're welcome and I hope you enjoy your new wellies once you've added it to your collection! =D

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