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Style SOS: Waist and See! You'll Look Great!

Hey Tin!

I'm an avid follower of your blog since a friend of mine "introduced" it to me by way of a link. I need your very stylish opinion. Can an apple-shaped lady follow the trend nowadays of wearing a belt, be it the skinny ones or the wide ones? Which one would work best for someone less on the slender side and more on the I-just-gave-birth-a-couple-of-months-ago frame (think boobs, hips, thighs with a hint of a waist)? Would love to read your thoughts = would love to get tips to apply to self. =)

Just call me,

The Black Belter....;)

Thanks for your question The Black Belter! Here's a tip on creating the illusion of waists for apple shape body types from the popular UK TV show "How to Look Good Naked" and I would have to agree =)

For all you juicy apple shapes, teaming up a knit dress with a big belt pulls you in at the waist and gives you the illusion of curves. The short length of this knit dress draws the eyes to your pins and brightly coloured shoes gives extra attention to legs and calves.

As an added tip concerning maxi dresses which are currently "in" as well...

For all of my apple shapes, this summer dress is perfect for you. A big, bold exaggerated print will always make your body look smaller in comparison. A dress that is cut on the empire line will instantly make you look curvier, as it hugs you at the smallest part of your waist. This dress is great for that because it is embellished and keeps all of the attention just there.

But I'm not happy with just these two tips. Let's go on further! I've actually used the site's Style Consulation Feature (which all you dear readers can tailor fit to your own body type!) and here are the tips I got for dressing the alluring apple shape! Read on!

Naked Advice

Girl, your legs are amazing! So many women get caught up in their body shape that they forget to look at their actual bodies, and honey you have luscious limbs to die for! All we need to do now is add in a few sexy curves.

You may have found it difficult to add curves in the past, but here you will find a few simple tricks of the trade and key wardrobe pieces to flatter and flaunt your sexy shape. So dive in, my Alluring Apple, and discover the secrets to your own stunning style.

Body Doubles

Drew Barrymore

One of the ultimate ‘It’ girls in Hollywood, Drew has embraced her figure and developed a style that is all her own. Whether she is surfing with Cameron Diaz or walking up the red carpet, you can be sure to see her in flattering dresses, wide-leg trousers or sexy skirts that show off her curves and sexy legs.

Kate Winslet

A true English rose and one of the most beautiful women in the world, Kate has perfected the red carpet look to flatter her amazing apple figure. With empire lines a staple, and demonstrating how the perfect chignon reveals an elegant neck, Kate really is the epitome of the Alluring Apple.

The cover-up of choice for you, my gorgeous gal, is simply a classic straight cut, single-breasted coat that finishes at the knee. This shape is going to elongate and slim that torso but still show off those sexy calves and ankles. Choose the coat in a darker, block colour for an added slimming effect: flattering shades are plum, chocolate or navy.

Top Tip: Still after more curves? Look for hip pockets and a higher waistband, as both of these details will add curves, or add a cute broach to your collar to draw the eye up.

Here’s where we’re really going to start adding in those sexy curves. Structured jackets are the key to maintaining this shape.

Always choose a single-breasted jacket, as double-breasted is going to add bulk where you really don’t want it.

Look for jackets that button up underneath the chest; this will nip you in at your smallest point, and give the illusion of a tiny waist. The jacket should finish just under your hipbone, and keep your eye out for hip pockets again: these babies will be the key to adding that little extra curve to your torso.

Top Tip: Colour is crucial, but so is fabric. Keep to matt-looking fabrics and certainly nothing metallic or sparkly – you don’t want to look like you’ve been attacked by a Christmas tree, do you?

There are thousands of tops out there to suit you! It’s all about finding the right shape and detail. A little bit of exposure may sound risqué, but sweet cheeks, this is going to do wonders for your figure. Don’t be shy! Flash that décolletage in V-neck and scoop neck tops, which will break up your torso and create a slimmer shape.

Show off those arms too: cap sleeves, halter-necks or strapless styles will flash that skin in a subtly sexy way. Three-quarter-length sleeves will also add to the waist illusion on cold winter days.

Something a little more structured will do wonders for your shape, or look for tops that have a higher waistband so the material glides over your stomach. Tops should all finish just below the hipbone to elongate your body.

Top Tip: Wear a statement necklace or earrings to draw the eye higher up, but never even consider wearing horizontal stripes.

Empire line sounds grand and on you, my beauty, it truly will be. The drop from just below your chest will lengthen your body and glide effortlessly over the rest of your figure, whilst drawing attention to your fabulous bosom, neck and arms.

Another key shape to look out for is the timeless classic, the wrap dress. The deep V will break up the torso whilst adding the illusion of curves. Here we catch a glimpse of that sexy décolletage while marvelling at the beauty of your gazelle-like limbs.

Top Tip: Printed fabrics will show your wild side, and avoid the dreaded straight silhouette that block colours can give.

Here you can look truly elegant in flowy, wide-leg trousers that will balance out your torso and slim your waist whilst adding timeless sophistication. A mid-rise yet curved waistband will not only help to make your legs look like they go on forever, but will also add those secret extra curves to your silhouette.

Top Tip: A crease down the front of the leg will brilliantly divide your leg in half vertically; whilst a pointy-toe shoe peeking out from under the trousers will make those legs look never-ending.

Once you’ve found those perfect trousers, look for them in denim too as this style is perfect for your jean needs.

Mid-rise with a straight leg is what you want but make sure that you look out for a dark wash as this is much more flattering.

A wide curved waistband will banish those builder’s bum moments forever, whilst adding the impression of a bootylicious behind.

Top Tip: High-set back pockets will give that bottom a lift and lengthen those legs.

The perfect opportunity for you to get those legs out, flash those ankles and send the boys wild!

Choosing the perfect skirt is all about balancing out your torso and making sure that your top half flows effortlessly to your bottom half. A-line or softly-flared skirts are going to look the best, with length playing an important part, as balance is key. Knee-length will not only create this balance, but also make you look demure as too short is a no-no.

Have fun with skirts: colour, pattern, pockets, embroidery and sequins will all add interest to the area and draw the eye away from your middle. Not many girls can get away with such glamour on their booty, but honey, yours is ripe for a little embellishment!

Top Tip: Asymmetric and handkerchief hemlines are brilliant at breaking up the line of the body, and add a little flirty movement to your wiggle as you walk.

Accessories Again, the validation you've been waiting for! ;-)
Belts, belts and yet more belts. They really are the key to cinching in that silhouette and adding a curve where there isn’t one.

With so many different ones available, belts not only show off that sexy waist, but also your flare for accessorising. Place at your natural waistline to cinch in that top or if you are a little broader, place the belt just underneath your chest. This is the smallest part of your torso and will give you curves that those skinny girls can only dream of.

Top Tip: Wear heels! Even if it’s just a simple kitten heel, the added lift will elongate your legs and lengthen that torso.

Now that we've answered your question and armed you with tons of tips...Go and have fun with the latest in fashion Ms. Black Belter! And keep on checking the "How to Look Good Naked" site for frequent updates on how to wear the trends that flatter your shape! =)


Anonymous said...

Whee!! Thanks for the tips! It'll really help. =)

Anonymous said...

oops...this is aips/alissa...i posted my real's supposed to be the black belter. =D oh well...just a pm for you. thanks so much tin! i really love your style! =)

cd_mfo said...

Hehehe, you're welcome aips! And thanks so much too! =)

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