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Style SOS: What to Wear When You're Expecting

Hi MFO! I'm 3 months pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I've got a tiny bump already, and I was wondering if you could give me ideas on how to dress for my expanding body? Since I got pregnant, I hate shopping and going to the mall, and I prefer to wear clothes that are simple, comfortable, and low-maintenance. Any advice? Hope to hear from you!

- abunintheoven

Super sorry for the delayed reply! I've been so busy lately but I didn't want to just put up a quick post! I did my research and I can't help but agree with our fashionable readers who left comments and shared tips on what soon to be moms should be wearing!

I concur that what matters at this point is that you are comfortable, and of course still look pretty! I think a pregnant woman is the most attractive woman in the world and we as women should celebrate our child bearing ability by wearing nice maternity clothes hehehe!

When I was growing up, I saw a lot of women who looked like they fought a battle and lost to ugly maternity clothes. I can still vividly see those big floral patterns in clashing colors, and this particular dress with a sailor collar and a big fat bow in front! At the time, women didn't really have a choice because that was what was available! Stylish women then had to have their own maternity clothes made, or they had to buy clothes a couple of sizes bigger to accommodate their bulging tummy. So we are very lucky that for our generation, most of the clothes in the market today, like tunics, leggings, empire waist tops and dresses women can be worn by expecting mothers as well! I for one love empire waist tunic tops because you don't have to worry about eating too much hahaha! Thing is, one time I wore it to lunch, I got a concerned, "Are you expecting hija?" from this esteemed visiting Harvard law school professor, and when I answered "No, not yet!", he had this puzzled look on his face, almost questioning me why I was wearing loose clothing! Awwww, straight men will almost always never get fashion! But really, fashion wise, now is the time to get pregnant! While clothes are cut to flatter all shapes and sizes!

We've been told that it is not wise to invest so much in maternity wear because time and again, it has been said (and has been confirmed in the comments section) that tummies grow at an unbelievably fast rate. But since fashion is pregnancy friendly, I think it is but logical to buy several empire waist, wrap and tunic tops/dresses that you can still wear postpartum such as these:

Since I believe a wardrobe isn't complete without jeans, I also think it would be good to invest in at least 1 pair of great fitting denims which you can wear when you feel like it. Here are a couple of designer maternity jeans in different cuts that will still make you feel hot (and I don't mean flushes) and sexy! =)

Secret Fit Belly(tm) 7 for All Mankind straight leg jean

Mama J by J Brand maternity jean in ink wash

Secret Fit Belly(tm) 7 for All Mankind Dojo New Zealand

But if jeans are not your thing, then you can always wear pants or shorts! Gap has a variety of waist panels to choose from:

That allow you to wear these without looking like you are going to pop soon! =)

T-shirt dressing is also very "in" these days, so get a couple of oversize tees from American Apparel, Nation Ltd., even Hanes and pair these with leggings or the shorts above!

Oh, and remember, these are just basic styles of clothing. Don't forget to accessorize, and don't let your personal style take a backseat. Keep on wearing your favorite sunnies, thrown on a scarf or printed cardigan when you're feeling chilly, and don't be afraid to look a little bit edgy! Just as long as you avoid salty foods, caffeine and everything your doctor says no to, you can go crazy, as long as it's with fashion! Now I leave with you with some pictures of Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie who look so cute pregnant!

Hope this helps a bun in the oven! Have fun shopping for maternity clothes! =)

(Photos of tops courtesy of gap.com, denims from apeainthepod.com, celebrity pics from hollywoodgossip.com, justjared.com)


Anonymous said...

I think a maxi dress or smock tube dress would look pretty on you. :)

Anonymous said...

There's also a collection in Zara called Zara For Mum.

It has a lot of pretty and floaty white tops that could match anything in your closet.

Conchita said...

oh my... i know how she feels but best advice is to take it week by week or month by month. because tummy may not grow as fast in some months and poof! double their size the next. dresses are always comfy. maternity pants, but the right style, can also be comfy.

but if she's like me... i'd rather wear smocks, tunics with leggings, and dresses in all lengths! it's soooo no brainer! hahaha!

Eubelle said...

i am 14 weeks pregnant and i have only bought a few dresses at gap maternity. it's not really worth buying jeans that fits well at 3 months pregnant because at my experience, my tummy got big at a rate i could'nt keep up. i gained 30 lbs at my first pregnancy and so far gained 2lbs now.
i do love my zara dresses and zara flowy tops, i still get the wear them.
tin, i cant wait your post on this matter. i have not gone shopping in a while because of my morning sickness but i am now better and ready to hit the malls! teehee :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your helpful hints and tips! :) Eubelle, does the local Gap carry their line of maternity jeans?

Eubelle said...

aww sorry to say but GAP maternity stores are very limited :( i've gone to a GAP that didnt have GAP maternity clothes but do look at their website (store locator) and check which GAP has their maternity clothes near you.

btw, there are a lot of jeans that are on sale at GAP Maternity (here in southern california). i was just there and ended up buying a pair of wide leg jeans for $11.89 :D some dresses are still going for 39.99 but is so worth it because you can wear it all through out your pregnancy! good luck!

Anonymous said...

check out Belle Mama in Rustan's for chic basics. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. MFO-

I saw your wedding pics in Nelwin Uy's blog. Can you write how you prepare for you Manila wedding even when you are in NY? Can you also give a list of your wedding suppliers (eg. gown, HMU, videographer, cake, wedding coordinator)? I hope it's not too much to ask.


cd_mfo said...

Sure! Of course! I would be happy to share! That's a post that is long overdue actually! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey MFO, thanks for all your super helpful tips! I especially like the first white sleeveless top you included, and Nicole Ritchie's black minidresses! I really prefer to wear clothes that don't scream maternity, and hate all things cutesy. Will definitely keep all your tips in mind when I stock up on preggie-friendly basics. Thanks again! :)

cd_mfo said...

You're very much welcome abunintheoven! =)

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