Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shoe SOS: Her First French Soles

Hi! i need your help on which size and model I should get for my first ever pair of French Sole ballet flats! :=)...I wear a US size 7.5 (ked's sneaker flats). For local shoe shops, I wear size 8. Medyo malapad ang paa ko. Hehehe...also, do you have any idea how much it would cost me if I order it online? Salamat!

Sorry for the delayed reply! So I'll go straight to the point, if you want to order French Soles, I suggest that you go 1 full size up! In your case, since you are a US 7.5/local size 8 with wide feet, get a French Sole 39. My friend has the same shoe size as you do, and she recently ordered French Soles online here and she got the 39. Here's the size chart for your reference!

If you find it too tight initially, don't worry. The super soft leather molds to your feet with wear, and you can easily loosen or tighten (if you find it too loose) the fit of the shoes by adjusting the ribbons! Just like with real ballerina flats!

As for the model to choose, I personally like the India (formerly called Pirouette), which boasts "a rigid sole with a lowcut shape" that means "extra comfort with a beautifully balanced and light weight shoe". And I couldn't agree more!

Another popular model is the Henrietta. It has "a very similar vamp to the India style but with a slightly deeper plunge to the front of the shoe allowing more toe cleavage. They have included slim and subtle rubber soles for stability. "An extremely comfortable and very highly recommended shoe" according to the French Sole folks!

Lastly, the Lowcut. I haven't tried this model, but I find it intriguing because according to the French Sole website, "These little shoes have no left or right but quickly mould themselves to the shape of your foot within a few minutes of wear. This is a very young and sexy look! The vamp is cut very low and shows toe cleavage. The sizing is small and tight so please order a size up if you are worried. The heels are almost flat." (To be safe, I suggest that you get this in a 39, if you are a US 7.5!)

As for shipping charges, I know that French Sole (in London) ships out worldwide (maybe about $30) but you can also order through London Sole (the US division of French Sole which is based out of Santa Monica & San Francisco, CA and Miami, FL). It's the same company, except that they can't use the French Sole label in the US because another company (FSNY) has French Sole registered under their name! Confusing I know, so here are the links for your convenience!

French Sole of London
French/London Sole USA

If you can't decide, I have been very happy with the India/Pirouette style and it has lasted me for years, so that particular has my stamp of approval! Good luck on your first French Sole purchase!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tin...same here! I'm his only model, heehee..(no choice) . Hey, I love the plaid shirt!


cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Yeah, we have to support their passion for photography marns! =) Thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks!!! i just thought you are the best person to ask since you've seen french soles up close...btw, rustan's is now carrying fsny but i didn't like the styles i saw. i haven't had the time to check it out again. is fsny as good as fs? teehee..tnx!

cd_mfo said...

No prob! I'm always happy to help! I actually have a pair of ballet flats from FSNY too, but personally, I think French Soles are better than FSNY, hands down! =)

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