Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Man with a Goyard St. Louis Tote

I've seen several men in Manhattan carrying a Goyard bag, but always the Ambassade.

So imagine how my curiosity was piqued when I saw our neighbor, a tall and distinguished white-haired gentleman in his 60s, toting an orange St. Louis as he boarded the bus a few days ago. I figured his wife must have left it at home, and knowing how women carry their life in their bags, he must have thought it urgent to bring her bag to her. How nice of him!

But when I saw him again earlier this evening near Times Square, toting the orange bag, while wearing an impeccable suit with flip flops, I went berserk and just had to take his photo! What a character! Of course, I nearly tripped in an effort to catch him and was half-running, trying to get a clear shot. Unfortunately, no one get clear shots while running and dodging pedestrians. But this was the best that I could do...

I practically stalked him, and even sat near him so I could get a closer shot! I pretended to be fidgeting with my camera, hoping he wouldn't notice, heehee! But, a moving bus isn't the smoothest ride, so yeah, no clear shots even here. But hey, this was my excitement for the day! Haha!

Sigh, yes, I have to admit I spent a good half hour of my time trying to take a picture of a man with a woman's tote. Looking back, that was kind of a cheap thrill. I know, sometimes I just go cuckoo like that!

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