Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharing My Outfit Day: Puruntong Shorts

It was a hot and humid day, with forecasts of a hurricane blowing into Florida, when we were there the first week of September. That being the case, I felt that dressing for comfort was key. More so when the order of the day was a trip to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and the chances of getting wet, thanks to nature and/or the rides was pretty much 100%!

I grew up during the 80s (John & Marsha) and 90s (Hip Hop, yo diggity!), hence, I have always equated comfort dressing with long shorts. Short enough to keep me cool, with enough fabric to keep me decent. (Well, yeah, that and my Catholic all-girls school upbringing). That left me with no issues at all too when it comes to wearing "puruntong" shorts! (And now that I've realized it, the reason why I can't seem to bring myself to wear those ubiquitous torn denim hot pants ala Erin Wasson and Rumi Neely!)

But I just realized how different I looked side by side the rest of the folks in Orlando. It's just me and the guys wearing long shorts! Hahaha!

Oh well, I'll just scratch my head...!

...and look for comfort inside the Mulberry Street Store then!


Jillsabs said...

hahahaha! you look so cute in the last picture tin!

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha, yeah, my "kamot ng ulo" shot!

The Bag Hag said...

Oye those shorts look good-- I love the ribbon detail! They're no ordinary purontongs!

:) You look great T!

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thanks Mrs. Jackie T! You're the sweetest!

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