Friday, September 26, 2008

Overheard at the Hermès Sample Sale

Girl walks out with two big white paper bags and runs into her boyfriend, Guy 1, who is waiting in line with Guy 2, a friend from work. Guy 1 leaves the line and kisses girl and takes her shopping bags from her...

Girl: (Still on a high after the intense retail situation, and a little bit flustered that Guy 1 saw her loaded with stuff) Sweetie! Have you been waiting long outside? I got some ties and a couple of scarves, and charged it to my mom's credit card! It's crazy in there!

Guy 1: Yeah, we just sneaked out to buy a few ties...

Guy 2: Not me, I'm going to burn my bank account, and make it wish it never existed!

Guy 1: Oh hey, you've met ____ before right? (He introduces his friend to his girlfriend and they exchange pleasantries)

Guy 1 to Guy 2: Hey, I'll just get ___ into a cab, and I'll go grab a sandwich at the corner, do you want one too?

Guy 2: Nah, I'm ok. Go ahead.

(Guy 1 comes back after a couple of minutes and complains about the expensive tomato and cheese sandwich to Guy 2)

Guy 2: Hey man! You're girlfriend bought a lot in there!

Guy 1: Yeah, seven ties man! And like 5 scarves. That's a lot!

Guy 2: What is she going to do with seven ties?

Guy 1: Gifts probably...for her dad I guess...She shops a lot...

Guy 2: You gotta be ready for that, you're gonna marry her!

Guy 1: Uhmmm, yeah, I guess. Well, probably...

Guy 2: Probably?!

Guy 1: I mean, we've been together four years...but I'm not that sure yet...

At this moment, I realized how men view women's shopping habits! Suddenly, I felt sorry for the girl who had no idea those shopping bags became points against her. Lucky the girl who finds a guy who does not feel threatened by the exchange of goods and cash, and appreciates the thrill coming from the simple swipe of a credit card!

Lesson Learned: Never let your partner catch you shopping up a storm. Not at the Hermès sample sale at least, where ties are a little over $100, scarves are $225, and coin purses are $300-$600.


celine said...

Ye-ouch! I would say it sucks to be her but hey she has 5 Hermes scarves so she's not too kawawa. I'm gonna try to go one last time tomorrow! Hopefully it rains hard and there'll be no line! Heehee

The Bag Hag said...

Oh My God!!!

That was a classic real- life story. Men DO get threatened with women's spending habits!! So yes, women out there better not let them guys catch you buying stuff on hermes sample sales :) :) :)

Sad, but true!

Anonymous said...

that's sad indeed... as if these men do not throw a lot of money on useless gadgets too! *sigh*

anyway, were you able to buy anything? share the loot! I want some scarves and coin purses!!

celine said...

I came, I saw, I got an Hermes scarf! So happy. FINALLY!!!

I told Mika I shopped. Hehe. Thankfully he's not one of those guys who watches my spending ... kase naman he shops more than I do! Thank god cos any guy who counts my shopping against me is out!

Let's meet up soon!

Anonymous said...

Guy 2: Hey man! You're girlfriend bought a lot in there!

Your? :)

My bf has the same issue ughh

cd_mfo said...

Yay! Saw your scarf Cel! Nice!

Sad but true indeed Mrs. T! Grabe no?!

Ruby! I bought a couple of toiletries for Dear Hubby and my Dad, nothing exciting for us! Hahaha!

You are right anon, should be "your" - my mistake! Oversight on my part! Hahaha!

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