Friday, September 26, 2008

Sticker Shocker!

A $349 dress from H&M?

Why yes, because its Comme des Garçons for H&M! But still, definitely a shocker for H&M habitués who are used to paying $30 to $60 for a dress from the Swedish retailer. A great deal though for CdG lovers who now can wear something from Rei K. without having to shell out a fortune.

Before you think this collection for H&M is a watered down version of CdG, Rei tells BlackBook Magazine, "The collection is constructed around Comme des Garçons’ style. Rather than aiming to make clothes that no one has ever seen before, it is very much Comme des Garçons to its roots. My priority has always been creativity, which was not the least bit compromised with this collection. That was the last thing H&M wanted us to do. Otherwise they wouldn’t have asked us.”

Whichever angle you are coming from, this is good news for CdG fans. Stella, Karl and Roberto had to keep their prices on the down low, which kept both designer crazed and H&M fans very happy. Whereas Rei's pricing strategy will definitely weed out the noncommitals.

Yay for Rei! You are one smart cookie! But wait, being the revolutionary designer that she is, will she now be setting this trend of mass retailer & designer collaborated pieces priced in the range of contemporary designer prices? Let's see how this catches on!


Anonymous said...

re: pricing.
i agree she's smart. i wouldn't want to have the same jacket as other women. keep it to a minimum :)

i'm so there!

Selene Luna said...

Hi. Please pardon my "using" your blog to advertise, but I've just put up a blog: about CdG. I'm suddenly inspired to share my shopping. The prices are a little higher, but still much cheaper than going abroad to buy them. Many thanks.

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