Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Gallos Laid the Golden Goose

Speaking of old clothes, you know, there's actually a lot of charm in lived-in clothes and shoes. So much so that people pay big bucks just to wear shredded tees, torn boyfriend jeans...and these Golden Goose "vintage" boots.

I've been seeing Golden Goose boots in Barneys for quite some time now and I have to admit, I first thought these boots were way overpriced. I mean come on, they may be handmade in Italy, but to retail for over $1000 and look these worn? But I decided just yesterday that I now find these charming! Especially when I found out that these are super comfy! And I am a major sucker for comfort that comes with style!

It wouldn't hurt if I add Golden Goose shirts to my wish list (take note, this is just a wish list and not a shopping list! Haha!) too. According to Vogue, Alessandro and Francesca Gallo, the couple behind Golden Goose, got their tailor friend in Venice to use 100-year-old techniques to do all the seams and finishing. The buttons are exact reproductions of vintage buttons, and some shirts are made of super soft cotton hand-loomed in India.

Suffice it to say, once these Wall Street jitters are over, consider my goose cooked!

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Vanessa said...

Oy! I'm liking those boots!

Anonymous said...

I read about Golden Goose shirts last year. It's been on my Wish List. So far no luck finding it in Mla or Singapore.

Eubelle said...

oh, so much the likes of what i was looking for but this one is definitely out of my budget. still looking for a pair before eulla's birthday! let me know if you see anything out there for me. thanks!

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