Friday, October 17, 2008

Sharing My Outfit Day: Not Dear Hubby's Shirt

Although it looks like it! Heehee!

To make it more girly, but still androgynous, I paired it with an old grandpa cardigan. I pushed back the sleeves to expose my shirt, because this outfit is all about the shirt!

The only thing that's missing here is an army field jacket and this would be so perfect! I've seen nice ones in the boys section of H&M but I'm not giving in any time soon because I'm really not in the mood to shop you see. The economic climate is so tenuous it just doesn't make sense at this time. Sigh. So yeah, everything in this outfit is old, but we still need to look stylish right?

How's this bar stool for an accessory? Hahaha!

Shirt: Uniqlo
Cardigan: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jeans: Grab
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor


Anonymous said...

you have to update your chucks. or atleast find a more obscure pair of sneakers.

the fash pack said...

in the second pic it looks like you're wearing a hat tee-hee ;-)

cd_mfo said...

Haha! Oo nga no! Or balancing a bowl on my head! Haha!

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