Friday, October 17, 2008

MFO Page Six: Topshop SoHo Blues (And It's Not Denim)

This isn't from Page Six of The New York Post, but the news is just as juicy!

A tipster pointed out the likely reason why Topshop's SoHo store opening has been moved to March 2009, and not November 2008 as publicized (well, it was supposed to be mid of this month before that - I tried to get a closer shot of the upper floors and from what I can see, it really won't be ready anytime soon).

It seems the old contractor's building permit was revoked, forcing management to turn over construction to a new contractor. Now apparently, the old contractor is not going down without a fight. Which leaves Topshop embroiled in a legal tussle! How true is this? We really don't know.

What we all know is, what the heck! Just settle and get this over with you guys! We need a Topshop here desperately!

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