Sunday, October 26, 2008

Plan on Buying a Planner?

The Belle de Jour Power Planner is back! The 2009 edition takes inspiration from the groovy '70s and includes 60 coupons that come in a notepad/coupon holder--so you can take your coupons anywhere even if you don't have your planner with you!

But more than that, I'm loving the special features in this planner that will help any girl focus on the more important aspects in life that we often take for granted (which is all too common when we're caught up with the demands of our daily lives). Categories like “Me” Time, and “I’m Grateful For” List are important reminders that there's more to life than deadlines and to do lists! There's also the "Expense Tracker", a useful tool that serves as the planner's built in shopping conscience! (Girls, don't you dare tear out this page!)

Where to Buy:
You can now pre-order through the Belle de Jour site or you can email the BdJ girls at

Belle de Jour planners will also be available in:
- National Bookstore
- Powerbooks, and
- The Rockwell Urban Bazaar in November


Anonymous said...

Where do you buy it?

Anonymous said...

how about schedule for eligible dates? hehehe


Anonymous said...

where can we find this? :)

Unknown said...

thanks christine for the post! =)

Hi Girls! =)
you can order at our website at or via email

Hope you check our site for the inside pages and other features=)

Anonymous said...

You can reserve online, through :)

Tetet said...

where to buy it? thanks po

Conchita said...

i hope they fixed the problem with the misprints...

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