Thursday, October 23, 2008

Style SOS: What to Wear to Philippine Fashion Week?


I got a free invite to watch one of the shows in the coming Philippine Fashion Week. It would be my first time to go and I have no idea what to wear. What would be perfect for an eighteen year old like me? Thanks! :)

- M

Thanks for your question M! That's going to be a wonderful experience! Usually, people here in New York wear something from the designer whose show they are attending, but back there at home I think that's not really necessary, although it would be nice. I suggest that you just wear something a little dressy, maybe a dress with pretty flats or heels, cropped trousers and a paper thin tee, a blazer with a mini, or anything that fits the "look" of the designer! Don't forget to accessorize with this season's statement pieces (whether it be costume jewelry, structural shoes or breezy scarves!)

Here are some interesting outfits from Garance Dore to go through for inspiration...

When all else fails, you can always wear an all black ensemble! You can just say you're going for the New York fashion crowd look! =)


Meryl said...

Thanks for replying! I feel honored that I get to be part of this blog 'cause I'm actually a fan of yours. :)

Giancinephile said...

Gotta love the 1st image with Susie Bubble! She's one of my fave bloggers of all time! :)

cd_mfo said...

You're welcome Meryl! I'm always happy to help! =)

And she leaves comments in your blog too Gian! Lucky you! =)

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