Saturday, November 08, 2008

Brain Tease/Freeze

What's wrong with this photo?

Well, nothing really except that The Ice Cream Bar has improved the formula of their frozen yogurt and is now 98% fat-free!!! So when you're craving for ice cream, remember, there's a healthier alternative that combines the creamy goodness of ice cream with the benefits of probiotics! The Ice Cream Bar's frozen yogurt blend is premium and natural, using fresh yogurt from a dairy farm south of Manila. Toppings such as fresh fruit, nuts, granola, cranberry syrup and dark chocolate chips make it a great snack or dessert that can be enjoyed without the guilt.

But hey, if guilt is not in your vocabulary, then by all means, indulge in their luscious banana splits, towering parfaits, and extra thick malted milkshakes (a nod to the fifties soda fountain staple). They also have yummy ice cream sandwiches (thick and chewy cookies baked in-house and can be served warm - choose between chocolate chip or fudge brownie!).

The Ice Cream Bar serves FIC ice cream in 41 flavors, including crowd favorites such as Pistachio, Tsokolate, Vanilla and Raspberry. The range also includes flavorful local-inspired flavors (think Red Mungo, Ube, Queso, Kape’t gatas and Tsoko-nut) as well as refreshing sorbet (Mango, Buko and Calamansi) for those who prefer something light.

So yeah, bring your friends, your family, your kids, even your kid's friends and get yourselves some frozen treats!

Whatever flavor you choose, it's gonna be good till the last melted drop!

Oh, and if somebody in your party decides they're not in the mood for ice cream, tell the party pooper there's always hefty sandwiches, pasta, and soon, lighter options for lunch and dinner such as soups and salads. Their bestsellers include the Chili frank, Adobo pan de sal, and the Basil and Kesong Puti pasta!

The Ice Cream Bar is located at Joya Towers and Lofts, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Store hours: 12 to 12 (Sun to Thurs) and 12 to 1 AM (Fri and Sat)
Tel: 403-0891
For store inquiries, email:


Anonymous said...

95 or 98% fat free?

cd_mfo said...

98% fat free, it was 95% before! Now it's been improved to 98% fat free!

Anonymous said...

yay! FIC rocks!

Marian said...

how yummy! gosh im craving frozen yougurt now.Im addicted to it! hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

it reminds me so much of L.A.'s Pinkberry. I love frozen yogurt!

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